Movable type v7.3.0 (r.4607) is available to you for evaluation!

Just login to:


With the following credentials:

- username: demo
- password: testthis

Please check out the "Rules" page because it contains some important details on how to use this demo installation without affection other people.

Template Sets

The following template sets are available for you to create either a parent website or a chid blog for your parent website(s):

  1. Classic Blog
  2. Classic Website
  3. Eiger
  4. Pico
  5. Professional Blog
  6. Professional Website
  7. Rainier
Worth mentioning is that comparing to the previous series, at lest in this initial alpha version, Movable Type v7.x doesn't contain the following 2 template sets:
  1. Community Blog
  2. Community Forum


Let me make available for you URLs for all the template sets available in movable type.

  1. Classic Blog
  2. Classic Website
  3. Eiger
  4. Pico
  5. Professional Blog
  6. Rainier


Today, October the 11th, 2017 I'm going to display below a series of screenshots from this fresh release.

Be aware that the thumbnails that I'm listing here are cropped from the full version. If you click on these thumbnails you could see the full size version.

Login Page


Logged In


Creating Custom Type


Adding Fields to the Custom Type


Adding Another Custom Type to the Custom Type


All Fields Added to the Custom Type


Manage Custom Types


Inventoring Content Data


Managing Content Data ("Instructor")


Creating an "Instructor" Item


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