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This is a personal website and doesn't have anything to do with Six Apart nevertheless Chris Alden, the former Six Apart CEO, appreciated my idea when he saw it available online.

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This new version was released today and it addresses a number of 3 bugs that were occurring on v5.2.6.

The fixed bugs are:

  1. Smartphone Option typos
  2. If the user tried to invalidate the MTIgnore's block tag's opening closing tag, an error would occur
  3. Tags created for custom fields could not be used with blog entry archive mapping

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v5.1 RC4

Mihai Bocsaru
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Within less than 48 hours from releasing v5.1 RC3, the wonderful SAKK team launches v5.1 RC4 which addresses a bug reported by a movable type v5.x user in the forum one week ago.

Nick and I tried to help the movable type user that signaled the issue and after debating a bit what the issue was, JunKaneko joined the conversation, reproduced the issue, opened a bug ticket and passed it to the QA team.

The conclusion was:

The root of the cause was a regex bug in Perl 5.8.x which was fixed in 5.10.0

To support 5.8.x with MT5.1, we changed the category filter of "Manage Entries" to an input filed instead of a pull-down menu. We would like to improve the usability in MT 5.1.1 (case 106204 ).
I'm pleased to announce that I've made this bug fix release available for evaluation at:

Byrne Resse, Movable Type Product Manager @ Six Apart announced movable type v4.21 which is basically v4.2 with a two major bug fixes, one regarding custom fields data, and the other regarding the archive mappings.

In an effort to make your life easier if you want to upgrade a movable type installation from v4.2 to v4.21 I've created a patch which you could unzip and upload to your server

The patch is available both for Movable Type Professional and Movable Type Open Source and you could download it right here:

1) Movable Type Professional v4.21 (upgrade from v4.2)

2) Movable Type Open Source v4.21 (upgrade from v4.2)

If you find this patch useful and want to make a donation, you could do so via paypal to [email protected]

Also, if you need any movable type consultancy service, including installations, upgrades, recoveries or anything else, just get in touch via email or using the contact form above

Happy blogging!

Kind Regards,
Mihai Bocsaru


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