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While v6.3.x is about to reach its end of life period on May 16th, 2020 and be replaced by v6.5.x or v7.2.x, Six Apart decided to offer us a few more fixes.



  • Add some L10N phases for European languages.


  • Data API is disabled at new installation and creating a new website and blog. No change for the current settings.


  • Fix not to show an error at sign-out in Rainier theme.
  • Fix not to register comments with invalid external authenticators.

Try it out at:


- username: demo

- password: testthis


April the 16th is the date when Six Apart issued Movable Type v6.5.

This new product is meant to continue the Movable Type v6.3.x development because on May 16th, 2019 (in just a month time), Movable Type v6.3.x is going to reach its end of life cycle.

While Six Apart is going to still offer 1 more year of security fixes, no further development will be done to v6.3.x.

The fact that Six Apart is still considering continuing the v6.3.x development through v6.5 is great news especially for those that don't have any plan for adopting Movable Type v7.x yet.

This is what Movable Type v6.5 brings in comparing to v6.3.8:


The security fix introduced in Movable Type v6.3.9, which is related to


  • Revises html escape of template edit screen



If you are using the Content Sync feature, we strongly recommend running the tools/run-periodic-tasks script periodically because Movable Type will remove the sync result file list that is unlinked from sync settings in the database during run-periodic-tasks.



  • In page archives, MTCategoryArchiveLink no longer outputs values except in block tags such as MTCategories and MTSubCategories.


  • SQLSetNames configuration directive is removed during upgrade process because character garbling will occur after reconnecting to the database when the value set to 0 and Movable Type is running on the PSGI environment.



  • The response of the Data API now returns correct data.
  • The value of a custom field is now keeps a blank value when the field type is Time and the request value is empty.


  • Unexpected <P> tag will never be inserted when input format is changed from markdown to Rich Text.
  • Unexpected <object> tag will never be inserted when the body contains a <video> tag and input format is changed to Rich Text from any other input format.
  • Published pages will be deleted that are located in a folder before changing the folder when the folder was changed from the bulk edit screen.
  • The type modifier of a <script> tag in the body will never be changed when input format is changed to Rich Text from none.
  • Displayed images in the rich text editor now can be selected.


  • Removing the records in the mt_sync_file_list now works when related content sync settings was removed.
  • Resolved an issue where unnecessary messages are output into the access log.
  • The run-periodic-tasks script now works when running on a Windows IIS Server with the Sync.pack.


  • Resolved an issue that removes all archive files when changing site path or site url.


  • The link of module options was removed.
  • The link of publish settings was removed.
  • Resolved an issue where a template revision was created when changing a template revision.
  • Revises html escape of template edit screen.


  • MT::App->log now respects blog_id and author_id when they are specified in a call.


  • Resolved an issue when in a persistent environment such as PSGI or FastCGI, a changed object could be cached when making a preview with an existing object.
  • Resolved an issue where 0000-00-00 00:00:00 is stored as a value of unpublished date in some database versions.
  • Improved input validation of password reset screen.
  • Resolved an issue where data was saved even when the file is not generated if the output file name is too long.
  • Resolved an issue where an error occurs on sign in and sign out when LoggerLevel is configured without LoggerPath.
  • Resolved an issue where not all selected users could be set to account notification email address.

Go ahead and give it a try:

- username: demo - password: testthis


On April the 16th, Six Apart issued Movable Type v6.3.9 which solves a security issue related to the template object.

They've revised the html escape of the template edit screen.



  • Revises html escape of template edit screen.

Worth mentioning is also the fact that Movable Type v6.3.x is going to end its maintenance period on May 16th, 2019. This means that it is no longer subject to technical support.

Until May 16th, 2020 so in 1 year and 1 month from now, only versions determined to solve serious security issues will be released.

That's not all!

Six Apart released Movable Type v6.5 which is meant to continue the development of Movable Type v6.3.x and which comes with a large number of improvements.

Movable Type v6.5 is subject to LTS (long-term-support) and will get improvements and security fixes until 2022.

Check it out at:


- username: demo

- password: testthis


Six Apart launched Movable Type 7 on May 29th!

I must confess that I'm really impressed by how powerful Movable Type 7 and mainly by its "Content Type" feature which allows one to create any "taxonomy", apart from "Entries" and "Pages" for managing the website content.

It comes also with a new theme called "Mont Blanc", nice, clean and suitable for building websites from scratch. The theme comes with one content type so that you can start exploring this new feature.

Worth mentioning is also that Six Apart changed format version, so now Movable Type 7 is known also as "Movable Type 7 r.4208" and upcoming releases are going to increment the "r.4208" value.


This feature set is provided with Movable Type 7.


Content type is a way to create custom content as you like. Each site supports content type so you can create / manage your content in a way that makes sense to you.

More details about the newly introduced "Content Type" feature could be found here:


Category set is a set of categories that can be created for each purpose like say 'Product' or 'Platform'. You can assign any number of categories to each category set.


Using the Block Editor, you can build content in smaller units such as "Header" and "Image".


You can create individual and listing archives for each content type, and create archive mappings by category based, date based and user based.


You can control creating and managing content types as well as control editing content for each content field.


You can control the sign-in to the administration screen and the sign-in via Data API for each user.


Totally improved dashboard and widgets. This is the list of widgets:

  • Site List ... Quick link to create new content for frequently accessed sites.
  • Updates ... This small widget indicates your Movable Type is healthy.
  • Activity Log ... You can quickly review what has happened on the system with this widget.


Ability to embed assets from other services easily.


Ability to search and reuse assets easily. Also, managing asset lifecycle (publish, unpublish) along with content.


Site groups will provide flexible site management feature such as Common templates, Common assets or Common Content Type for each group.


You can create flexible workflows to publish content.


You can receive notifications from Movable Type, such as dashboard, e-mail, chat.


The following feature sets will not be provided in Movable Type 7

  • Community Pack
  • lite
  • Style Catcher (This plugin will be open source)
  • Textile support (This plugin will be open source)
  • Classic Blog and Classic Website (These themes will be open source)



Blogs are gone. Website and Blog were renamed to Site. You can still create a hierarchical structure.


Custom Fields are still available for entries, pages, sites, templates, assets, categories, folders and users.

A few more details about this release could be found here:

Curious to see how Movable Type 7 looks like?

Go ahead and test it from:

- username: demo - password: testthis


We've got some excellent news this morning.

Six Apart made available Movable Type v7.0 Alpha 1.

The product has a completely new interface and introduces an excellent feature called "content type".

This new feature would allow you to create virtually any other object you would need, similar to the "entry" and "page" object or to the "categories" and "tags" for "categorizing/sorting" items.

With this awesome feature on board, Movable Type is ready to win the competition against Word Press on building very custom projects, those projects that require specific content types (not only entries/posts and pages, but also any other type of content with its own set of fields, such as say: seminars, collections etc.).

Thumbnail Sample


More Thumbnails

For more thumbnails, please check the "v7x" page.

Logging In Details

Please give it a look from:

Username: demo
Password: testthis

Happy Testing!

Kind Regards,
Mihai Bocsaru

Six Apart nicely surprised us today releasing movable type v6.3.5.

This version comes with a large number of new and improved functions covering data api, a new configuration directive, user management, development, updated functions covering user management, development  and miscellaneous as well as many resolved issues covering data api, entry and page, dynamic publishing, template, template tag, user management and miscellaneous.

Let's take a look at the release notes:


Data API

createEntry and updateEntry can save entries without rebuilding

You can now save an entry without rebuilding by createEntry and updateEntry endpoints. This will improve performance when saving lots of entries.

entry={"title" : "Some title","body" : "Some body"}&publish=0

For example, sending above request to createEntry or updateEntry endpoint, a status of saved entry is ‘Published’ but output file is never built. If publish parameter is set 1 or not specified, output file is built as before.

search endpoint can now filter target object

A search endpoint returns entries and web pages that contain specific keywords, but now it supports filtering by class. If ”class” parameter with ‘entry’ or ‘page’ specified, the results of the search would include entries or web pages only.


Web services password now can be set/changed by DataAPI

You can now set/change web services password via createUser and updateUser endpoint.

user={"apiPassword" : "new password"}

Configuration directive

  • XFrameOptions directive now accepts ‘NONE’. If ‘NONE’ is specified, Movable Type will never output X-Frame-Options header. (#114520)

User management

  • System administrators can now change the web services password of another user. (#114207)


  • The request body of file uploading now contains the field values on the upload screen added by a plugin. (# 114450)


User management

  • User authentication is now performed using all input values even if the username contains a trailing whitespace. Previously, trailing whitespace was ignored by the database.(#114242)


If you want to translate a jsmessage defined in listactions, you need to write a jsmessagehandler subroutine and return the translation result. (# 112528)

js_message_handler: sub {
    my $plugin = MT->component( PLUGIN_NAME );
    return $plugin->translate( 'Some message here' );


  • The definition of the ReturnToURL directive is now moved into the core package. (#100832)


Data API

  • Rebuilding an archive template now works when the current archive context does not include an entry by deleting entry. (#114213)
  • The site URL of the blog is now set correctly when creating a blog via createSite endpoint. (#114304)
  • PageStats endpoint now supports offset parameter. (#113117)
  • Comment receiving now works when the Data API is disabled on one of the website’s blogs. (#114070)

Entry and page

  • Recovering the auto-saved custom fields data now works when the type of custom fields is image. (#114385)
  • The entry title is never changed to an empty title when the title is 0. (#114284)

Dynamic Publishing

  • MTParentFolders now works when used in subfolders context. (#114283)
  • Pagination link by mt-search.cgi now works when it is used on category archive. (#114007)
  • MTLink now works when specifying different blog ID to blog_id. (#114117)
  • MTSubCatsRecurse and MTSubFolderRecurse now work with max_depth modifier. (#114261)


  • Template identifier change tracking now works. (#114375)

Template Tag

  • MTElse block now works when in MTEntries with a tag modifier that specifies a nonexistent tag. (#114076)

User Management

  • The permission table is now rebuilt when revoking permission from user who has already joined any group. (#114421)
  • Password verification error occurring even when the password was not changed on the user information edit screen is resolved when the UserPasswordMinLength environment variable is specified in mt-config.cgi. (# 114344)
  • Password validation now works even if JavaScript is disabled. (#114503)
  • Displaying the correct web services password now works when using the password manager of browser. (#114434)


  • The filter label of user based now displays user nickname. (#106171)
  • The from header of an email is now set correctly when using sendmail in a few environments. (#114196)
  • ‘J’, ‘K’, ‘X’ keys are now enterable on the modal dialog so that keys will never operate table. (#114515)
  • Fixed typo for X-Content-Type-Options. (#114519)
  • Facebook Commenters plugin now works. (#114463)
  • Addressed an issue with garbling by rebuild-pages script. (#114165)

If the above convinced you to take a look at the latest version, please go to:

And login using:

- username: demo

- password: testthis

Happy Blogging!


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