mihai-bocsaru.jpgMy name is Mihai Bocsaru and I work as Web Developer since 1997 and Movable Type Consultant since 2002, but most importantly I'm the soul behind the "movable type demo" Web site initiative.

Everything started on the very first day of movable type v4.x when I've realized that movable type v4.x is a fantastic release, a huge step forward comparing to v3.x series.

At that time I've said to myself: "- Would people give it a try?"

I've tried to put myself on other people shoes if I wanted to try the new movable type. I should have had a hosting account, I should have checked that the movable type system requirements are covered and most I've should also installed the release on my account.

I should have invested quite some time just to see how movable type v4.x looks like isn't it?

As a long time advocate for movable type I felt like I could do something to help spread the word about movable type and most important to allow people to check the new product right away.

So I've decided to buy the movabletype4.org domain, I've installed the movable type release and I've made it known to the blogosphere.

The real challenge was to keep the Web site always updated with the latest versions. I would say there were over 50 versions that I've installed on the v4.x initiative since day one.

During the Le Web 3 '07 Edition from Paris (December 2007) I've met Chris Alden, Olivier Creiche and a few other Six Apart stuff members and I've been gladly impressed to see that they've found my movable type demo initiative very useful and they thank me for that.

I must say it's been wonderful to talk to Chris Alden, Six Apart CEO and see him so thankful for this idea I've had.

We're now [2009] after more than 2 years of the movabletype4.org initiative and since the 5th series was getting close to be released, I've decided to move everything at movabletypedemo.org and to continue this movable type demo online ABSOLUTELY FREE service with movable type v5.x.

I hope you would appreciate this initiative!

Keep in mind that I'm doing this project on my own expense, so any web development or movable type consultancy work you might have would allow me to continue offering this service at no charge to anybody from around the Web.

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This is a personal website and doesn't have anything to do with Six Apart nevertheless Chris Alden, the former Six Apart CEO, appreciated my idea when he saw it available online.