Movable Type v7.2.0 (r.4605) - Security Patches and Many Other Improvements

On February the 6th, Six Apart launched Movable Type v7.2.0 known also as r.4605.

This release includes two security fixes, as well as many other new, improved and updated functions and resolved issues.

Upgrading to Movable Type v7.2 (r.4605)


  • Log the enabling / disabling of a plugin.
  • Add some L10N phases for European languages.
  • Add heights to multiple-line text custom fields.
  • Log failure of sign-in.
  • Add SVG to ThemeStaticFileExtensions as a default value.
  • Improve performance of mt-feed.cgi
  • Enable inserting div elements into an A element in WYSIWYG.


  • Data API is disabled at new installation and creating a new website and blog. No change for the current settings.


  • No size set for the Assets which is not supported by MT when importing from WordPress.
  • Remove the template of Technorati Search.
  • The initial value is set to 85 for JPEG image quality.
  • doctype of some themes is changed from XHTML4 to HTML5.
  • Change the titles of image blocks.
  • Change the label of the "text decoration" button in Japanese.



  • [XSS] Fix not to execute scripts in block editor.
  • [XSS] Fix not to execute scripts in WYSIWYG editor.


  • Fix not to set the format of multiple-line text in ContentType to "None".
  • Fix integration with Category/Folder in CustomFields.
  • Fix to suppress warn 'redefined' in WXRImporter with XML::SAX modules other than XML::SAX::PurePerl.
  • Fix ParserDetails.ini.
  • Fix not to slow Data API with a huge version value.
  • Fix to show options at import WXR.
  • Fix not to remove some category archive files when there are some ContentTypes including a category field.
  • Fix CSS for category name of ContentField.
  • Fix not to show an error at sign-out in Rainier theme.
  • Fix title of SVG of category in a entry.
  • Fix L10N Error in the Mont-Blanc theme.
  • Fix our company name in some themes
  • Fix error in mt-check.cgi occurring without HTML::Entities.
  • Fix to parse Markdown correctly.
  • Fix the HTML of the Primary Menu in Mobile.
  • Fix not to react to pressing "Enter" in IE11.
  • Fix not to show warning in rebuild-pages
  • Fix to update entrymodifiedon at editing statuses in list view.
  • Fix to show the status correctly at Import Sites.
  • Fix the log text of updatecontentdata_status.
  • Fix to use SSL configuration parameters when "SSLVerifyNone 1".
  • Fix to use SSL configuration parameters in SMTP when "SSLVerifyNone 1" or "SMTPSSLVerifyNone 1".
  • Fix not to send an empty email when EmailAddressMain is not set
  • Fix "\U" and "\L" to work in regex_replace attribute.
  • Fix to control whether Page is published or not via page endpoint of Data API.
  • Fix to suppress warn 'used only once: possible typo.'
  • Fix the format of blockquote in editor.
  • Fix the message when XML::Parser is not installed.

Please play with it at:

- username: demo
- password: testthis


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