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Movable Type v6.3 - Lots of new features and improvements, among them support for PHP 7 and mySQL 5.7

Mihai Bocsaru
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On August the 24th, 2016, Six Apart announced Movable Type v6.3.

This new version introduces support for PHP 7 and mySQL 5.7, as well as Smarty v3.1 and ADOdb v5.20.3.

Now it is possible to disable the automatic image quality change function. This could be done either from the system level general settings or via a new configuration directive called "AutoChangeImageQuality".

Via the newly introduced "DynamicCacheTTL", you could define the number of seconds for the interval of the task to delete the cache files of dynamic publishing.

Through a newly introduced "force" modifier, you could now "force" Movable Type to generate thumbnail files with the a specific width or height even if the original image size is smaller than the width and height you are looking for.

Together with the above new features, there are lots of improvements that cover Character Encoding for Files and Folders, Entries and Pages, Assets, Categories, Content Sync (for Movable Type Advanced), Dynamic Publishing, Dashboard, Themes, Templates, Template Tags, Backup and Restore, Listing Framework, Data API, XML-RPC and Other.

For more details, please check the below release notes:



PHP 7 has been added to the supported php versions. Movable Type dynamic publishing can be run with PHP 7.

Smarty 3.1

Smarty has been updated to version 3.1.

ADOdb v5.20.3

Also, ADOdb has been updated to version 5.20.3.


MySQL 5.7 has been added to the supported databases. Movable Type can be run with the default sql_mode.


We have improved the image quality change function.

In previous versions, Movable Type will change the image quality automatically by ImageQualityJpeg and ImageQualityPng even if the image size and quality is already adjusted.

From this version, system administrators can disable this feature by [System] => [General Settings] => [Image Quality].

By default, this feature is enabled.


AutoChangeImageQuality (0|1)

If set to 1, Movable Type will change the image quality automatically. The default value is 1 (enabled). This configuration directive is same as [System] > [General Settings] > [Image Quality].


The number of seconds for the interval of the task to delete the cache files of dynamic publishing.

Default: 0 (do not perform)


force (1)

If 1 is specified, Movable Type will force generate thumbnail files with the specified width or height even if the original size is smaller than the specified size.



  • The default character encoding for files and directories is changed to CP932 from Shift JIS.



  • "Not contains" conditional searching now works in entry listing screen.
  • Tag auto-complete is now works in some situations.
    • Typing quickly.
    • Tag name contains blank space.
  • The json parse now works when json contains double-quotation.
  • The re-edit button in the preview screen now works when PreviewInNewWindow is set to 1.
  • Word-wrap now works when using non WYSIWYG editors.
  • Resolved an issue in tag auto-complete which converted ampersand to &.
  • The parameters in HTML are now escaped when returning from actions.
  • Addressed an issue in which the unpublished date has not been the subject of revision management.
  • Resolved an issue on performing uniqueness check of basename at saving a new page.


  • Prevent input of invalid value of thumbnail width in asset insertion dialog.
  • Prevent input of invalid value of upload path in asset upload screen/dialog.
  • HTML in the label of asset is now escaped instead of removed.


  • Revise the log message when saving a category.


  • Content syncing now works when a file ends with blank space or dot.
  • The preview file with filename that begins with "mt-preview" is never delivered to remote server.
  • Resolved an issue with javascript error occurring when running immediate delivery.
  • When the FTP connection is lost, now try to reconnect.
  • The multiple start-up prevention now works when running on FastCGI.
  • Symbolic link is now removed from a delivery target.
  • Addresses an issue with performance when URL converting.


  • MTAssetThumbnailURL and MTAssetThumbnailLink now works when using include_blogs with MTAssets.
  • Resolved an issue where the output of MTEntryAuthorLink with show_hcard was not the same as static publishing.


  • The blog selector dialog launched by the Blog Widget from the website dashboard now contains child blogs only.


  • Resolved an issue where the image asset with @SITE_LOGO tag is not displayed in the date based archive.


  • The modified date is now updated when initializing a template.
  • The custom fields for a template in the MTIndexList block now works.
  • Unnecessary confirmation does not appear on the preview of the template when PreviewInNewWindow is set to 0.
  • "Save and publish" now works in the template edit screen.
  • Resolved an issue where the message is garbled when an error occurs at the saving of a template.


  • The "default" modifier now works when used with the MTCategoryBasename and MTCategoryLabel tags.
  • The width and height in the MTAssetThumbnailURL and MTAssetThumbnailLink are now ignored when they are larger than original size.


  • Backup file downloading now works when the backup file contains large amount of data.
  • The tag name on the restoring screen is now escaped.


  • The filter name in the filter selector dialog now syncs with the listing screen.
  • Filter resetting now works when returning from performing list actions.


  • File uploading now works when a user has 'upload' privilege only.
  • Resolved an issue with "Readonly" module version 1.6.1+.
  • Archive template rebuilding now works when calling the API via publishTemplate endpoint.
  • Resolved an issue in entryPreview endpoint.


  • Published page deleting now works when the entry is deleted.


  • The savetemplateprefs and saveentryprefs now return the correct mimetype.
  • Fixed a typo in run-periodic-tasks.
  • SSLVersion settings now work in some situations for SSL connections.
  • Fixed a typo in convert-db.
  • "Google Cloud Console" now renamed to "Google Cloud Platform".
  • Entry deleting now works when the author based archive exists and an entry is owned by deleted user.
  • Access check for the PerformanceLoggingPath is never checked when PerformanceLogging is disabled.

As always, you could try this new version from:

Login with:

- username: demo

- password: testthis


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