Some of the newly introduced Movable Type v6.2 features

There are so many nice features introduced in movable type v6.2.

Let me describe you just some of the assets related features.

The features that I would like to discuss are:

  1. How to Edit an Image;
  2. How to Define a Default Upload Folder;
  3. Drag-and-Dropping.


Let's go over all of these newly introduced features.


How to Edit an Image

In order to edit an image, you should first go to the assets page.

That's available under:

Assets -> Manage

Once you are inside the "Manage Assets" admin page, you will have to click on the asset that you would like to edit.

That will bring you to the "Edit Asset" admin page for that very asset.

Please notice the newly introduced "Edit Image" link.

(see the below screenshot)



You will be taken to a new admin page called "Edit Image".

(see the below screenshot)



What you could do there is:

1) Resize the image

Resizing the image could be done by keeping or not keeping the aspect ratio.

If you changed the width and/or height values by mistake, you could use the "Reset" button to come back to the initial dimension.

After you change the width and/or height values, you will have to click the "Apply" button.

If you would like to revert the change, you could use the "Undo" button. There is also a "Redo" one.


2) Remove All metadata

You may be aware that your images do contain some additional information which is not visible for the human eye, but which contains various details about the image and which add more size to your image files.

Now you are able to remove your image metadata by simply checking a box.


3) Rotation

You could rotate to right and to left, as well as flip horizontally and vertically.


4) Cropping

You could also crop your image.

The "crop" button would be active only after you put your cursor over the image and you select a certain area that you would like to crop.

(see the below screenshot)


After clicking the "crop" button, you will see the cropped image.

At that stage you may like to either "Save" the asset (the cropped version will overwrite the initial image) or to "Undo" the cropping.

(see the below screenshot)



For all these changes there is an "Undo" and "Redo" feature.

Be aware that your changes would be saved for that asset only after you click the "Save" button.


You should know that whatever changes you make to an asset would overwrite that asset (hence why the feature is called "edit asset").



How to Define a Default Upload Folder

You are probably dreaming for this feature for quite some time.

Please find it available under:

Settings -> General

(see the below screenshot)



Once you are inside the "General Settings" page, you have to scroll until the end of the page where you will find a new section called "Upload".

There you could impose a default folder name so that your images won't go to your domain root.

(see the below screenshot)


You will also be able to check a box so that you could be able to change the default folder at the time of asset(s) upload, if you would ever want/need to. Since it is always good to be flexible, I would strongly recommend checking that box.

You could also choose to have Movable Type automatically rename non-ascii filenames. This is very useful if you or your editors are not tech savvy and might forgot to strip empty spaces or special characters. Movable Type won't remove those items, but it will encode them.

For instance, this URL:

Sample Image!.jpg

Would become:


(because the empty space " " is encoded as "%20" and the exclamation sign "!" is encoded as "%21")

Worth mentioning is that you could also configure movable type to normalize orientation.

My recommendation is to set a default folder called say "images" and then to check all the 3 checkboxes available there and described above.

(see the below screenshot)




Drag-and-Dropping Assets

I'm going to refer below to uploading multiple image assets at once.

Assuming that you are inside an "Edit Entry" admin page, in order to upload one or more image assets, you would click on the "Insert Image Asset" button.

(see the below screenshot)



That would lead you to a completely redesigned admin page where you could see the new "drag and drop" dark grey area along with the other newly introduced upload (general) settings that we've described above.

In this new page, you could drag and drop multiple images to the dark grey area or you could use the "browse" button. This button allows you to select one or more images, the multiples files upload at one functioning in both cases.

You could also change any of the default "upload (general) settings" defined from the "general settings" admin page.

(see the below screenshot)


If you decide to upload multiple items at once, you should know that once they are loaded, you will be taken to an admin page called "Insert Options" where you could apply various settings for each and every uploaded asset.

You could check if you want to "Display Image in entry/page", if you would like to generate a thumbnail and what width is should have, if you would like to align it in a specific way as well as if you would like to link your image to its full-size version in a popup window.

(see the below screenshot)


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