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Movable Type v6.1.2

On June the 30th, 2015, Six Apart announced the release of movable type v6.1.2.

This version contains lots of new and improved functions for the Data API, among them:

  • New available endpoint for template, entry and page preview;
  • Add a new parameter to specify character encoding at export logs
  • Add a new parameter for overwrite option at upload
  • Add a new parameter to fetch system level custom fields.

There is also a tiny improvement applied to the dashboard usability related to the search box. When you open it, focus will be set to it automatically.

This version resolves issues that cover the following areas:

  • Entry / Page
  • Data API
  • Miscellaneous

Going into details, the fixed issues are:

Entry / Page

  • Removing tags now works when the memcached server is enabled. (#113002)

Data API

  • The search endpoint now accepts multiple custom fields filter. (#113075)
  • The tag search endpoint does not require 'search' parameter now. (#112868)
  • The auto-saved object made with CMS admin screen is removed now when saving entry/page via Data API. (#113015)
  • Entries, Pages resource now includes unpublishedDate. (#113127)
  • Resolved some callback errors. (#113016, #113125)
  • The updateEntry endpoint now accepts empty categories array in the Entires resource. (#113138)
  • The listCategories endpoint now works when the Data API access is disabled in one or more sites. (#113038)
  • Making a relation with asset and page now works when saving the page via the createPages endpoint or the updatePages endpoint. (#113173)


  • Tweak help string in the wizard screen. (#113033)
  • Tweak function definition. (#113014)
  • The output of isset function (PHP) now returns expected result. (#113105)

To evaluate the product, please go to:

And login with:
- username: demo
- password: testthis



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