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Movable Type 6.1.1 is here, Yay!

Two days ago, on April 14th, right after releasing a mandatory security update release for v6.x (v6.0.8) and for v5.x (v5.2.13), Six Apart released also Movable Type v6.1.1, this version containing the 2 security fixes from v6.0.8 together with other 14 new features and fixes.

Some of these improvements are applied to the movable type advanced package and they are related to content sync and LDAP.

However, there are a bunch of other features and improvements that affect the basic product, as follows:


  • Added ability to search entries/pages by Custom Fields. (#112825)
  • The listEntries with search parameter will return only data that matches the search criteria. (#112881)
  • User who have some privilege except 'commenter' can get the data for CustomFields via listEntries. (#112827)
  • Entry posting now works when the text format is 0. (#112815)
  • Resolves an issue the password reset link that sent via Data API is not correct. (#112945)
  • The path property in the Folders resource now includes self path. (#112951)


  • Folder deleting now works in the folder listing screen. (#112941)


  • Removing unnecessary filter items. (#112824)
  • Resolves JavaScript error in the settings screen when user language is French. (#112807)
  • Tweak funny Japanese phrase. (#112863)

To evaluate the product, please go to:

And login with:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru
Yesterday, April 14th, Six Apart issued Movable Type v6.0.8 and Movable Type v5.2.13 as mandatory security updates.

These versions are solving the following two important security issues:

  • An issue involving possible to Remote Code Execution has been fixed. (#112921) (CVE-2015-0845)
  • An issue that makes it possible to run Install-Wizard even if mt-config.cgi file exists, has been fixed. (#112924)

Upgrading your installation to one of these versions, I would say to v6.0.8, is very important.


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