Movable Type v6.1 - Another huge step forward :)

Dear Community,

Yesterday, February the 11th, 2015, Six Apart launched movable type v6.1.

They did it right after launched v6.0.7 and v5.2.12 as mandatory security releases.

The newly released v6.1 version includes the security fix from v6.0.7 along with a large amount of new and improved functions.

Data API v2.0 has been improved to cover create, update, retrieve and delete operations for almost all of the objects. This gives you the ability to do almost everything that you could do within the MT Admin via the Data API.

A new configuration directive called 'RebuildOffsetSeconds' would allow you to customize the number of seconds after which movable type returns response to the client when rebuilding templates. If you didn't know, when rebuilding templates, movable type splits the rebuilding process into segments, each segment consisting by default of 20 seconds. You could now adjust the number of seconds allowed for each publishing process segment.

Another 69 improvements would make your editorial life nicer. It would take me a very long time to describe them all as they cover various aspects of the product.

Among them you should know that your movable type admin interface when connection from mobile devices is improved and that when you preview your work, the preview page would open in a new window. However, if you don't want the preview to be opened in a new window you could set this configuration directive "PreviewInNewWindow 0".

Those of you that were enjoying the MT4 Style Library should know that this feature is again active.

This release covers the following areas:

- Installing and Upgrading

- Smartphone Option

- Data API

- Websites and Blogs

- Entries and Pages

- Categories and Folders

- Assets

- Templates

- Themes

- Comments and TrackBacks

- Backup and Restore

- Import and Export

- Custom Fields

- Dynamic Publishing

- Search

- Miscellaneous

More details at:

To evaluate the product, please go to:

And login as:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru

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