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Movable Type v6.0.5 is here :)

Six Apart just released Movable Type v6.0.5.

This version introduces a few more fixing comparing to v6.0.4.

Actually, Six Apart retired v6.0.4 and decided to release v6.0.5 with all the 148 fixes from v6.0.4 as well as a few other important items they discovered.


The latest improvements cover:


Upgrade did not finish correctly if the installation had the MultiBlog plugin configured with a trigger for "All blogs in this website" for one or more websites. (ticket #112418)


An error would occur with the AssetThumbnailURL tag during rebuild if the Eiger and Rainier themes were in use. If currently using Eiger or Rainier, make sure to reapply the Eiger or Rainier templates for the fix to take effect. (ticket #112382)


mt-search.cgi was not processing the limit parameter. Along with this bug fix, the mt-search.cgi pagination should now work smoother in general. (ticket #112365)


The Ignore block tag's contents were erroneously parsed, which could result in build errors if Ignore blocks happened to contain template code that would not be valid outside the Ignore block. (ticket #112393)

Take a look at it from:

Login as:
- username: demo
- password: testthis



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