Movable Type 6.0.3, 5.2.10, and 5.17 Security Updates

On April 9th, 2014, Six Apart launched Movable Type v6.0.3.

This release include a number of bug fixes, a new configuration directive and a security fix.

The newly introduced directive is called 'DBBlobMaxLen' and it would allow you to set the database driver buffer size. You could increase this setting beyond 512KB using this directive, but pay attention because this would raise your server CPU usage.

As for the bug fixes, you should know that the following areas have been improved:


A problem with data not being displayed properly on the Site Stats widget graph has been fixed.

Entries and pages

A problem that occurred when having the 'PreviewInNewWindow' configuration directive enabled has been fixed. The problem was that entry or page preview temporary files weren't automatically deleted with this directive was enabled.


A problem that occurred when having the 'RPTProcessCap' directive enabled has been fixed. Sometimes the number of run-periodic-tasks processes that can run simultaneously on the server was not respected.

Finally, the error "Cannot find column 'blogs' for class 'MT::Blog'" that was occurring under certain situations upon browsing to the Dashboard page has been corrected.

Since a security fix is involved it is recommended that you upgrade your installation ASAP. If you need any help, I'm available.

You could evaluate movable type v6.0.3 from:

Login as:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

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