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Introducing Movable Type v5.2.2

Dear Community,

Today Six Apart made available movable type v5.2.2. This new release follows the new numbering policy (hence the "5.2.2" version number).

This new release contains an important number of new features and bug fixes.

You could test movable type v5.2.2 absolutely free from:

1) Professional

2) Open Source

Let me list here for you some of the latest improvements:

New Features

1) Boilerplate

The Boilerplate Text function is now available. Boilerplate Text lets users register often repeated text, such as for event announcements, which can then be recalled and inserted in blog entries.
More details about "Boilerplate" are available here:

2) New Theme: "Rainier"

The "Rainier" blog theme has been added. "Rainier" is a multi-device compatible theme based on Media Queries (CSS). "Rainier" offers header banner and navigation customization options.
More details about the "Rainier" new theme are available here:

3) Movable Type Advanced

Movable Type Advanced 5.2, the latest version of MTA, offers full support for Windows Azure.
Dynamic publishing is now possible even when operating with UTF-8 on the MS SQL Server. 

4) Other Features

[82725] When using run-periodic-tasks to execute specified date publishing, the processing date is logged
[104672] The dynamic publishing template tag modifiers can pass over 3 arguments.
[108564] MT Tags can be used in in the config.yaml file.of riich text editor expansion plug-in

Bug Fixes

The list of bugs that have been addressed in this release is very and I'm proud to be among the ones that reported such bugs. One of the bugs I've reported has been fixed in this release.

Here we go with a summary of the bugs:
  • [104094] After changing the destination folder for published web page data, an old web page data still remains in the the old folder.
  • [104665] The "maximum open cursors" occurs when using Oracle.
  • [106224] An error will occur if the MT generated .htaccess file includes "SymLinksIfOwnerMatch", as multi-server hosting is not supported.
  • [106534] Creation and deletion of the category archive page is not executed in appropriate timing.
  • [107118] If Japanese is used with LDAPAuthURL, a user search will not work
  • [108797], [108797] An error occurs on the user profile screen when building a community blog on Oracle or MS SQL Server.
  • [107961] In Oracle and SQL Server, an error occurs when trying to destroy old session information.
  • [107963], [107994] Request to enable use of custom field tags with archive mapping.
  • [108513] If a thumbnail already exists for an image and MTAssetThumbnailURL is set to square="1", the image appearance is not updated, even after rebuilding.
  • [108570] Request for the addition of an e-mail validation process when resetting a password.
  • [108631], [108862] When user edit comments data from the search/replace screen, the keyword search option disappears from the input field.
  • [108654] When there is a sub-domain input error, the error is displayed as originating from a different location.
  • [108661] app.saveHTML() returns information currently displayed in the rich text editor.
  • [108667] Please add the ecape=html value to the mt:CommentParentID tag, available for use in professional website and professional blog templates.
  • [108718] The dynamic publishing MTWidgetSet tag ignores the blog_id setting.
  • [108728] After upgrading from MT 3.38 to MT 5.2, users with the "send notification" option enabled will not be able to create new blog entries.
  • [108730] When restoring MT from a back up file, multiple copies of the profile image will be restored as well.
  • [108733] When operating in an environment running memcached, the template module cache will not be cleared at the specified time.
  • [108734] The template cache will not be cleared after a new category is created.
  • [108748] Incorrect HTML is generated from unlabeled item custom fields.
  • [108799] When executing bulk user updates with CSV, even though the same user name is specified in the new user name input field, an error occurs.
  • [108802] When Config Directive "SingleCommunity" is set to 0, the member's list in the Movable Type authenticated users folder will be displayed incorrectly
  • [108803] When Config Directive "SingleCommunity" is set to 0, users with third party authentications, such as OpenID, will not be able to be removed from a blog.
  • [108804] Although website administrative privileges are granted to a user group, users do not have access to blogs linked to those websites.
  • [108805] When restoring from back up data, group member data is not restored.
  • [108815] Code generated from custom fields with multiple lines of text will not be converted correctly
  • [108824] When specifying a publishing path with BaseSitePath through Windows, an error will occur if case sensitivity is not specified.
  • [108841] When using dynamic publishing, upper and lower case characters used in tag attributes are treated as completely different characters.
  • [108845] If IncludeBlogs is set to "all", an error will occur in the blog search.
  • [108846] An error will occur if IncludeBlogs or blog_id is not specified in the search form template.
  • [108856] The error message for the Facebook commenter's plug-in should be revised
  • [108858] StyleCatcher display breaks in the Apache+Starman environment.
  • [108866] When using dynamic publishing, an error occurs when half-width alphanumeric characters are used to write folder or category names.
  • [108872] MTArchiveTitle is output differently depending on whether dynamic or static publishing is used.
  • [108876] Category and folder selection cannot be saved on FireFox16.
  • [108877] An automated message should be displayed when a commenter's identity cannot be authenticated.
  • [108891] Blog entries marked as "NO ENTRY" cannot be imported.
  • [108901] Templates using the alt-tmpl directory, included with theme files, do not function correctly
  • [108909] When ignoring the revision history, the latest blog entry author is displayed as the user who is currently logged in.
  • [108920] MT doesn't hold Compose Settings when change the field basename
  • [108924] Individual archive pages are not displayed when using dynamic publishing.
  • [108946] Comment pagination does not work when running MT through PSGI.
  • [108947] When using dynamic publishing, an error will occur if someone tries to view a website that does not have a blog.
  • [108948] When using dynamic publishing with PHP5.4, the "Sign In" characters will not be displayed.
  • [108953] When TAB data is inserted in the comment data, comment pagination will not work correctly.
  • [108958] System privileges cannot be changed
  • [108959] A template error will occur if "(" is set in a category modifier with MTEntries tags.
  • [108967] The {{theme_static}} setting cannot be used in the StyleCatcher repository.
  • [108982] After re-applying a theme, the theme thumbnail will not update.
  • [108989] The MTMultiBlog tag does not work correctly in the blog entry list archive.
  • [108999] Assets may not be correctly retrieved when importing data from WordPress.
  • [109003] If a blog entry with an index template that is using the MTEntryCustomFields tag is saved and rebuilt, the value for all custom fields will be reset to the default value.
  • [109004] Blog restoration can not be completed if a website does not exist.
  • [109009] When specifying the BaseSitePath, case sensitivity is automatically turned on in Website Path field.
  • [109022] When importing an exported blog entry that includes a blank custom field, a half-width character space is arbitrarily inserted as the value for the empty custom field.
  • [109023] The user date archive (by year, month, week or day) is not displayed when using dynamic publishing.
  • [109024] search_apis cannot be added through plugins.
  • [109026] When using the external environment SMTP server, if an e-mail is sent to multiple recipients, the e-mail header will look strange.
  • [109032] If a folder with sub-folders is deleted, the user will not be able to save changes.
  • [109036] When executing bulk user updates with CSV, multi-byte e-mail addresses can be saved without error.
  • [109038] When executing bulk user updates with CSV, a user name with over 85 full width characters can be saved without error.
  • [109039] When executing bulk user updates with CSV, a user name with over 255 half width characters can be saved without error.
  • [109055] When executing bulk user updates with CSV, even if a blog theme has not been saved, an error will not occur.
  • [109097] Files that already exist cannot be renamed when using a Windows operating environment.
  • [109105] When importing WordPress data, neither categories nor tags can be imported.
  • [109112] The mteval modifier will work even if a value other than 1 is used.
  • [109133] The numify modifier will cause output discrepancies between static and dynamic publishing.
  • [109134] When the sanitize modifier is set to 0, an error will occur if dynamic publishing is used.
  • [109149] When the environmental variable UserSessionCookieDomain is not set, the value for the domain of the cookie will not be generated correctly.
  • [109156] An error will occur if an embedded custom field value is saved.

If you want to read the entire release note, check out:

Happy testing!

Kind Regards,
Mihai Bocsaru


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