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Dear Community,

I'm very excited to see that Six Apart launched today Movable Type v5.2.

This release is a huge step forward from what you knew so far about movable type.

Apart from the many bug fixes introduced since v5.14, this release comes with a number of very useful new features.

The most important feature for me, my customers and the whole community is the fact that at my request Six Apart implemented an awesome feature on their new Rich Text Editor which automatically erases the garbage HTML formatting that was added so far to movable type when copy-and-pasting content from Ms Word.

Another feature that other folks, including me, insisted for is the ability to create tables, which is available as a stand along plugin for the new Rich Text Editor.

 This plugin could be found at:

Let me now list for you the another features that Six Apart mentioned on this new version announcement.

  1. Corresponding nginx+PSGI

    Movable Type 5.2 can now be used under the nginx+PSGI environment. This allows us to provide support over a variety of server environments, such as cloud computing virtual servers, CMS servers and content servers.

  2. New Rich Text Editor

    The new rich text editor is implemented based on TinyMCE; easy to use, easy to edit.

  3. Sitepath restriction

    Sitepath restriction is now available. This feature is most effective for medium to large websites.

  4. SMTP Authentication

    In Movable Type 5.2, email notifications can now be sent using authenticated SMTP.

  5. Improved performance of custom fields; faster rebuilding times

    The performance of custom fields have been improved, and as a result, blog entries which have custom field's data can be rebuilt much faster than before.Along with these changes, general rebuilding rate for blog entries are now faster by 120%.

I'm glad to have contributed with feedback, perseverance and bug reports to the following features:

  1. the automatic cleanup of MS Word HTML garbage after copying and pasting content from Ms Word;
  2. the sitepath restriction;
  3. custom fields improvements.

As always, you could evaluate movable type v5.2 on the very first day it was released by going to:

Login with:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

You could find out a lot more information on Movable Type 5.2 checking out the links below.

Checking out the above resources you could discover also a bunch of new configuration directives.

Happy testing,
Mihai Bocsaru

Almost there! Movable Type v5.2 RC2

Dear Friends,

Six Apart launched today Movable Type v5.2 RC2.

This new version introduces a few more bug fixes.

The issues fixed on this release are:

  • 108759 mt:SearchResults tag does not store localized blog_id in context stash
  • 108754 Unable to sign in for commenting again once signing out
  • 108758 Renaming basename of blog-level custom field can cause corruption of custom fields metadata
    108756 Saving new custom field can result in corruption of existing custom field metadata

Stay tuned for Movable Type v5.2!

This new RC2 version remains available at:

Login with:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

The movable type v5.2 rc 2 release notes are available here:

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru
Dear Friends,

Are you ready for movable type v5.2?

Yesterday Six Apart announced the Release Candidate 1 and what is nice about it is that it contains all the new features announced so far for v5.2, as well as fixes for almost all the bugs reported so far.

The latest fixed issues are:
  • 108701 Unable to sign out properly on the published page if blog domain is ip address
  • 108651 Comment replies do not show up in author's profile page on mt-cp.cgi

The current known issue is:
  • 108242 Sometimes unable to send a test email in wizard via SMTP Auth with SSL on Windows

New config directives

In addition to the directives announced in beta 1, several new config directives have been added, as follows:
  • Editor
  • WYSIWYGEditor
  • SourceEditor
  • BulkLoadMetaObjectsLimit
  • DisableMetaObjectCache
  • BaseSitePath
  • HideBaseSitePath

Modified config directives:

The following config directives have been appended or modified:

  • ThemesDirectory
  • AltTemplatePath
  • SearchTemplatePath
  • ThemeStaticFileExtensions

I'm proud to have been contributed to this new release with a bug fix.

There are many other things I've proposed either as new features, or as optimizations to current features and soon you will see most of them implemented on movable type.

This new RC1 version remains available at:

Login with:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

The movable type v5.2 rc 1 release notes are available here:

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru


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