Wow! Movable Type v5.2 beta 5 is here :)

There are two reasons why I feel saying "WOW!" today.

One of these reasons is that Six Apart has issued the 5th and last beta of movable type v5.2 and is shortly going into the release candidate phase.

The other reason is that I've just tested the "Table Feature for TinyMCE" which is available as a plugin at:

Why did I like it?

Well, installing it was a breeze. I had to simply unpack the plugin and upload its 'plugins' and 'mt-static' folders over the folders with the same name from my movable type installation.

Then, when I've logged in to the movable type admin and I went to the editing entry/page screen, I've seen the table options available automatically as a 3rd row of options on the TinyMCE editor.

But what made me be really very excited was to see how easy it is to create a table and how many parameters it allows you to customize (WOW! again).

Let me mention a few for you:

General Options

  • Columns
  • Rows
  • Cell Padding
  • Cell Spacing
  • Alignment
  • Border
  • Width
  • Height
  • Class
  • Table Caption

Advanced Options

  • ID
  • Summary
  • Style
  • Language Code
  • Background Image
  • Frame
  • Rules
  • Language Direction
  • Border Color
  • Background Color

You won't believe it, but you could have a lot more control over your table.

The above would create the table for you, but if you want you could still perform the following tasks:

  1. Define Table Row Properties
  2. Define Table Cell Properties
  3. Insert Row Before, Insert Row After or Delete Row;
  4. Insert Column Before, Insert Column After or Delete Column;
  5. Merge Table Cells;
  6. Split Merged Table Cells;
  7. Show/Hide Guildelines/Invisible Elements.

The "Define Table Row Properties" and the "Define Table Cell Properties" have lots of controls each, divided into "General Options" and "Advanced Options" and they allow you to control all the elements, some elements, odd or even elements.

I would conclude saying that I'm very happy with the outcome so far on movable type v5.2.

Do you want to test the latest beta, as well as the "Table Feature for TinyMCE"?

Go ahead and test them at:

Login with:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

The movable type v5.2 beta 5 release notes are available here:

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru

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