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Dear Community,

Today Six Apart announced movable type v5.2 beta 2 as a release that contains new features and a number of bugs fixed.

Go ahead and test it from:

Login with:

- username: demo

- password: testthis

You may like to know that the new features are related to the new RTE editor, to the language files and to a variable for "theme.yaml".

More details are available here:

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru

Dear Community,


I'm pleased to announce and make available for you the launch of movable type v5.2 beta 1.

This version is a huge step ahead comparing to v5.14, or the other earlier versions.

I would say that it is the best version launched until now.

Why would I make such statements?


There are a bunch of reasons such as:


1) new RTE editor

Now only that this version includes a new Rich Text Editor, which is based on the popular tinyMCE editor, but this version introduces a major feature which is that it strips off the garbage that Ms Word adds to text editors when pasting text from it.

Forget about ugly stuff and garbage coding imported from Ms Word.

Forget about having to first copy from Ms Word and paste to Notepad in order to loose the formatting, then to copy from Notepad and paste to Movable Type and finally to add back the formatting from inside the movable type admin.

From now on you could safely copy and paste from Ms Word with your formatting applied to the text and what you would get on your site is a clean and beautiful HTML formatting.

I've advocated for this feature for my customers and the entire community and thanks to Six Apart this feature is now implemented.

Curious to see it with your own eyes?





with this badly formatted text:



2) site path restriction

This is another item that I've reported and advocated for and that Six Apart implemented.

I've seen it on my skin that people that create websites and blogs would need to have a base server path imposed so that they won't overwrite the root of the domain name where the movable type installation is available.

You don't want to know how many times I had to go inside the demo installations and change websites/blogs paths to point to a folder called "sites", because various users overwrote the movabletypedemo.org domain root.

If this happened to my soul project, I wanted to prevent it from happening to my customers or just to any other movable type users.

This feature was implemented on v4x and it is now implemented back from v5.2 beta1.


3) improved performance of custom fields

I've raised a good number of bug reports and of feature requests related to the custom fields feature.

Six Apart started to implement them for us. When all of them would be implemented, you would be very surprised of how many things you would be able to build up.


4) smtp authentication

You could now set movable type to send email notifications using SMTP over SSL.


5) nginx+PSGI support

Let me limit to quote what Six Apart mentioned about this:

"Nginx is a light web server which has recently come into the spotlight for its fast performance. PSGI (Perl Web Server Gateway Interface) is an interface that connects web applications and web servers. When used in combination with nginx, Movable Type can become lighter and run faster. "


Would you like to take a look at v5.2 beta 1?

Go ahead and do it from:



Login with:

- username: demo

- password: testthis


Many thanks,

Mihai Bocsaru


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