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Movable Type v5.14


Six Apart launched a new movable type release today.

This new version called v5.14 includes one new features and an important number of bug fixes.

I'm glad to share with you that 3 bug reports of me have been converted into 3 fixes includes on this new release. More fixes from my side to come in the next versions.


New Feature


HeaderCacheControlconfiguration directive was introduced in Movable Type 5.14. If you set this directive in your mt-config.cgi, you can define how pages should be handled by caches.



Fixed Issues


IE9 RC: Unable to move category/folder on Manage Categories/Folders screen

IE9 RC: Unable to move widgets on Manage Entries/Pages screen

Template load error occurs when a plugin calls MT::Template::load_file with an invalid file path

key and index modifier of MTGetVar tag do not work in dynamic publishing

[patch] Always output by 'png' when make thumbnail file on dynamic

[patch] Got an error when doing validation in "Manage Folders" and "Manage Categories"

Error when saving a template on Template Preview screen

encode_xml does not remove invalid characters in XML

[patch] mt:Include is not cached in "memcached" environment

[patch] mt:Include that has "key" attribute gets an error in dynamic publishing.

[patch] mt:Include that has "key" attribute cannot be used in statically and dynamically at same time.

mt-search.cgi fails with IncludeBlogs=all after upgrade to MT-5.1

MTIfMoreResults can't work in dynamic publishing.

[patch] mt:MultiBlog that has no arguments overrides "local_blog_id" in dynamic publishing.

[Patch] General Settings doesn't display "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs" license name

MT5.1 Search code regressions

URL on Registration Notification is relative path.

Search and Replace Limited to 126 entries

Theme elements order required.

Memory Leak: Reblessed objects contain cyclic ref

"Request-URI Too Large" error occurs when restoring a backup file which contains a lot of assets

Thumbnail for file-type asset is not displayed on the search results screen for asset

MTInclude tag does not work with key modifier

Duplicated cache filename when using PHP SSI

MTArchiveList archive_type="Category-Daily" doesn't work under static publishing

Browsing Select a Blog Style screen generate styles.css template

Checkbox custom fields are not saved properly on Edit Entry screen in some situations

javascript error occurs in a list which is created by listing framework

MTIf doesn't work with a hash variable under dynamic publishing

Custom fields' data can be imported by entry import even if there are no custom fields in the blog

"Create Blog + Website Administrator" permission user cannot clone blog

FF5: can not go back to WYSIWYG mode after switching to HTML mode

Chrome: Malfunction when switching mode from HTML to WYSIWYG

IE9: Malfunction of text decoration in WYSIWYG mode

IE9: Can not insert item and image when WYSIWYG mode

IE8: When setting anchor link at web page edit on IE, [editor-content.html] is added unintentionally

Original relative URL is not preserved when we click the Link button.

no author ID record in mt_category when the blog are created by custom theme

Comment author disappears from the commenter list when he is unbanned

Cannot eject value in hash, while dynamic publishing

[Customfields] If you change the basename, data you entered will disappear

Doesn't display entries correctly when include_subcategories="1" and include_blogs="all" are configured.

Can't remove multiple filters at once

Styling : the display breaks when the category name is long

Unable to cancel deleting a comment properly on Edit Comment screen

MTCalendar month="this" doesn't work on published entry archive

Editor cannot add tags at System > Manage Assets

Community Blog's 'Powered by' widget does not show 'Powered by MT' icon

Cannot move to login screen after created a new blog with French



Other Changes


Update the CodeMirror from 2.16+patch to 2.22's post_save() isn't treat extended table columns.

Category name which is created when choosing theme, gets translated according to language setting

[patch] The MultiBlog's plugin-data is loaded multiple times in dynamic publishing.

You could find out more details about this release at:

Also, let me remind you that you could access the latest version by clicking on "v5x" from this Website header. Inside that page you will find the login URLs as well as the credentials to evaluate movable type v5.14 professional and/or open source.

Last, but not least, I'm available to upgrade your installation(s) and if you need another pair of hands.


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