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I hope that the online community has appreciated the movable type demo project I’ve launched 2 years ago, on the very first day the first version of movable type 4.x has been launched.

Since then I’ve invested over one hundred hours to always update the version to the latest one available. I didn’t count the exact time spent on this initiative, but I’m sure it passed 100 hours.

Because a friend of mine from FastServers.Net moved to Cpanel, the free hosting package I had with FastServers for supporting this initiative came to an end.

For about 2 months we are hosted with Pair Networks and I’m renting a special account only for this scope. This means having me spent some money every month to keep this alive.

At this moment I have to stop offering full access to this demo site because it got so big and because people are not using it only for seeing the new platform, but also for deploying work and stuff.

What I am going to do is:

1) let you still login with demo/demo, but have only author and commenter privilages, so no more access to the templates or other settings;

2) update all the current users to author and commenter (see above);

3) on request offer you full access to the system (including templates and settings) in exchange for a small donation which to allow me support this initiative on an ongoing basis.

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This is a personal website and doesn't have anything to do with Six Apart nevertheless Chris Alden, the former Six Apart CEO, appreciated my idea when he saw it available online.