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Time is running! In between coding a couple of projects fro various customers from private persons to large organizations and writing some specifications for The Economist, there is time to dedicate some energy to my Movable Type 4 preferred community.

Well, I must say I'm delighted to see that people were so interested to check out the new Movable Type Publishing Platform and what valuable feedback was published around the world.

At this point I believe there is time to help those of you that would like to get a sort of Movable Type 4 Trial account. What I'm referring to is rather than just checking Movable Type v4.0 on the shared login at:, I'm thinking to setup a new Movable Type v4.x Installation and to then create one username and one blog assigned to it for each and every one of you that would ask for it

The good news is that I'm going to provide you this favor absolutely free!

Remember though that you could support this initiative by using PRO IT Service IT Consultancy services that cover various services from Web site Layout Coding, to Blogs, Online Communities, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing etc.

Are you interested on getting an absolutely free Movable Type Trial account? Express your thoughts here and contact me via email for instant messaging for setting you up!

If you find this idea worth mentioning to others, digg it and spread the word.

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Hi Mihai,

I'm looking at setting up a more permanent home for my Blog and while looking at deciding between either Hosting or a Virtual Server I was looking if anyone provided a trial account for 30 days or so?

I've found some deals for a Wordpress account for 3 months and wanted to see how easy MT is to live with?

Is this something that you can help with?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your kind request and I hope you've enjoyed this Movable Type 4 Demo Web site Initiative

At PRO IT Service we could be offering you two alternatives:

  1. a Movable Type v4.x individual installation whereby you will be the only person accessing it, but it's url will be based on this domain (what i'm referring to on this page offer - Absolutely Free);
  2. or a one month hosting solution whereby we also host your domain, but that's going to cost a bit because of our expenses with setting up the service and it's unique IP.

Let me know what are you interested on

Mihai Bocsaru

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