Movable Type 4.0 Released - Test the final version right here!

Yahooooo! Celebration time for all Movable Type enthusiasts around the world!

Six Apart just launched today the Movable Type v4.0 know also as Athena Project final release. I must thank for the thousand time this year and not only this year, the team behind this publishing platform that I've got to love over time.

As a Movable Type consultant I've build up over 100 Movable Type driven Web sites and worked with very large as well as mid size organizations and private persons.

Since 2003 I've been addicted to this project and really enjoyed to use and hack it to adapt its publishing capabilities for all sort of purposes. Blogs, static-like Web sites, they were all powered by Movable Type and my sustainable preference for this solution.

I sincerely encourage everyone to give a try to this product right from this Web site, without having to worry about spending time on installing it, just to see what a great step ahead this completely rethought platform is.

As always, if you need professional consultancy on building up from scratch, improving or maximizing your Movable Type projects Search Engine Optimization performances look no further. Contact me and let's get it done!

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Mihai, thanks for all your hard work during the beta test! To add in more sample data to the demo site, I uploaded a copy of the blog, with a bunch of entries and comments for people to play with.

Anil, thanks to you for your kind words and for contributing to this demo. I'm sure the entire community would much appreciate it!

Let me share with you the story behind my initiative:

At first I didn't have a clue that you might find my initiative useful, but since I liked so much this product i said to myself "Why not letting anybody discover it 1 click away".

I took this decision on the very first morning of Beta 1. Right away I spoke to one of my customers, the VP @ and he installed a custom server with all required MT v4.0 modules within 5 minutes. I would have done it on my Pair Server, but for some reason beta 1 reported error during the setup.

On the very same day the Beta 1 preview was ready including: domain registration, hosting server, DNS update and some little template coding to this Web site :)

I've been running Movable Type 3.2 on Yahoo for while....I love it!! Movable Type 4.0 is now released, however Yahoo has not upgraded from version 3.2. My understanding is that Yahoo has not yet tested or approved 4.0 on it's servers for "Automatic" updates.

Does anyone know when Yahoo is going to upgrade the Movable Type version they provide in their Web Hosting from version 3.2 to 4.0?

Also, where can we find step-by-step instructions to manually install 4.0 to upgrade 3.2 on a Yahoo! hosted version?

Peningo Systems

Dear Ed,

Unfortunately Yahoo was not a serious provider in terms of Movable Type service provider. There was a debate on the Movable Type forums where many Yahoo Hosting users were imploring Yahoo to upgrade their v3.2 built dated 2005 to v3.x series

Yahoo didn't care about their customers and I really doubt they will care more now.

You may like to look for support on or contact me directly for installing Movable Type for you or for upgrading your previous version to the latest built.


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