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Six Apart recently launched Movable Type v4.01 beta 1 and beta 2 new versions.

Over these two betas the team behind Movable Type addressed the bug reports and patches provided by the community. The issues fixed were mostly related to problems during upgrading and migrating content from previous versions to Movable Type v4.0, but also to developers encountering problems on migrating their plugins to the new framework as well as building up some new and more innovative ones.

On a side note Six Apart announced that beta 2 is the last beta before launching Movable Type v4.01 which is going to happen in a relative short time frame as they started to get us used to.

Yahooooo! Celebration time for all Movable Type enthusiasts around the world!

Six Apart just launched today the Movable Type v4.0 know also as Athena Project final release. I must thank for the thousand time this year and not only this year, the team behind this publishing platform that I've got to love over time.

As a Movable Type consultant I've build up over 100 Movable Type driven Web sites and worked with very large as well as mid size organizations and private persons.

Since 2003 I've been addicted to this project and really enjoyed to use and hack it to adapt its publishing capabilities for all sort of purposes. Blogs, static-like Web sites, they were all powered by Movable Type and my sustainable preference for this solution.

I sincerely encourage everyone to give a try to this product right from this Web site, without having to worry about spending time on installing it, just to see what a great step ahead this completely rethought platform is.

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As Movable Type Athena project gets closer for the final launch, Six Apart issued a new version, Release Candidate 4

Many thanks again to Byrne Reese and the whole team behind this excellent publishing platform for issuing a new package in less than 24 hours

Byrne didn't have the time to update the changelog yet, but he will do so within 12 hours

The Live Preview Installation is up and running for you to check it out!

Six Apart continues to surprise me with the amount of fixes and extra features they keep adding in a very short time frame. This time the team behind Movable Type launched Release Candidate 3 just four days after releasing the previous release.

Change Log for a complete list of bug fixes and changes:

Are you ready to check out this fresh version absolutely free?

Look no further!

Another great news from Six Apart! Today they've launched Movable Type v4.0 Release Candidate 2 which addressed a bunch of bugs reported both by the users community and the internal crew.

For the full Change Log check out:


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