Movable Type v4.0 beta 6 demo

Byrne just announced the launching of Movable Type Beta 6

As always, the new release comes up with a series of bug fixes and new features

Go and check the Free Movable Type Beta 6 Online Demo

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Please report the following error...

Log in as demo, select "Stephanie's New Blog", there's an entry there called "Howdy". In it I created a category called "ramblings". When trying to publish the entry, I receive an error based on the category_based publishing.

I don't want to install a beta on my blog (too afraid that I'll lose everything), thus can't report this bug.

Can you do for me?

Otherwise, everything seems awfully slick.

I can't wait for the finished version!

ALSO.... I forgot to fillin the email address when posting this comment, and rightfully received a message telling me that name and email are required. I immediately enter an email address, and am told that I'm trying to comment too soon... understandable if not correcting an error... if correcting an error, this timing needs to be refined...

(this comment came by way of waiting a bit after getting the original error)

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