Movable Type v4.0 beta 3 demo

Movable Type v4.0 beta 3 is live since a few hours now

The new release addresses an important number of bug fixes and improved features


I'm going to paste here for you the Change Log so that you could express your comment about any of these changes.

The official Change Log Web page is here:

51289: Have we updated the default stylesheet yet for blog templates?

The default stylesheet remains unchanged. It is definately our plan to update the stylesheet to remove TypePad and LiveJournal specific styles. Expect many enhancements to the default blog templates.

50542: Blog context switcher might need to be more intelligent...?

FIXED: Blog switcher control will redirect user to their dashboard if they attempt to access an invalid page (rather than display an unfriendly permission denied error).

50341: Implement date selection control

FEATURE: Implemented a graphical date selection control that allows the user to select a date using a calendar widget.

51988: Separate headers from list filters

FEATURE: to improve usability and design of tables, we have separated out the filtering control from pagination and plugin actions.

52150: Dashboard Fit & Finish

More refinement has been made to the look and feel of the dashboard. More refinement remains.

52209: Listing Fit-n-finish

The design of table listings (such as list entries and so forth) have been overhauled.

52397: Consolidate Edit and Organize menus into Manage

FIXED: Based on user feedback, Edit and Organize menus have been consolidated into one Manage menu.

52265: 'Real' previews for entries and pages

FEATURE: Improved the preview function so that it uses blog templates for generating the preview, when possible to do so.

50642: Edit Entry/Page R5

FEATURE: More refinement has been made to the design of the compose screen. Dramatic design changes are yet to come.

51098: Add comment count below post title for published blog

TEMPLATES: The number of comments for the entry is now displayed under the title of the entry.

51200: Create group of templates for widgets

FEATURE: Widgets are now their own section in templates editing.

51549: Add first blog configuration step to install wizard

FEATURE: To improve the first time user experience, based upon user feedback, the installation wizard was given an additional step to allow the user to enter the name, site URL and publishing path of their first blog.

51700: Populate blog with sample data upon sign up

FEATURE: Based upon user feedback that said the dashboard was too bare for new users, we now populate all initial blogs with a sample entry and comment.

51925: Autosave/recover doesn't handle some fields

FIXED: Autosave for entries and pages now preserves category and tag assignments.

50294: Load PHP plugins from MT plugin directory path

DEVELOPER: PHP plugins can be placed under MT_DIR/plugins/PLUGIN/php directory, as well as under MT_DIR/php/plugins/.

48464: Implement "backup pages" feature in Backup/Restore

EXPERIMENTAL: Pages and folders have been added to your sites backup. Note: it has not been intensively tested yet, and we may change the format of the backup file and the manner in which it is restored, thus possible not making backups made during the beta forward compatible.

50029: Comment threading tags

FEATURE: Added three new template tags: MTCommentReplies, MTCommentParent, and MTCommentRepliesRecurse.  See the reference for the tags for more information.

50121: JavaScript errror on General Settings

FIXED: A javascript error that was occurring under the General Settings screen has been fixed.

51275: Monofaced font in Template Editor

UI: Template edit screen now uses a monospaced font for editing the template code.

51689: Page editing/creating bound only to admin role?

FEATURE: A new default role called Webmaster, which has Manage Pages and Edit Templates permission assigned. The set of default roles may change during Beta. We are looking for feedback as to this set of roles currently shipping with MT by default.

51575: Cannot create user

FIXED: Some users reported a problem in creating new users manually. This has been fixed.

51724: Category and Author-Monthly archive pages are not published

FEATURE: We added a way for blog admins to specify what types of archives would be built during a Rebuild All action. The preference can be found under Preferences - Blog Settings - Archive Types.

51857: Strange behavior using SQLite with MT4 beta 1

FIXED: Movable Type 4.0 does not support DBD::SQLite older than and including version 1.10 as well as DBD::SQLite2.  Using these older versions with MT4 might result in a strange behavior such that MT4 asks users to login upon every click of a link on administration screens.  Mt-check.cgi and mt-wizard.cgi has been updated to exclude these unsupported drivers.

52324: Can't save blog's archive_types from anywhere

FIXED: We fixed an issue that prevented blog administrators from choosing what archive types were to be published.  A preference has been added to the Blog Configuration screen.  Thanks to ekuda for reporting this issue.

52151: Can't locate object method "load" via package "MT::Entry"

FIXED: We fixed a bug many users reported in which the error "Can't locate object method 'load' via package 'MT::Entry'" was displayed.

52169: Upgraded - mapping template of "<$MTEntryID pad="1"$>.html" was wrongly cut off

FIXED: The file mapping template which contains template tags (for example <$MTEntryID pad="1"$>.html) was inadvertently being  truncated when the templates was saved. This resulting in an error when rebuilding. This has been fixed.

52075: Page does not exist

FIXED: users reported an error when trying to use the Wordpress Importer. The system produced an error "This page does not exist." This has been fixed.

52236: mt-search does not work when PublishCharset is other than UTF-8

FIXED: The bug in which blogs published in the character set other than UTF-8 could not be searched by mt-search.cgi has been fixed.

52257: Dynamic Publishing results in an error when publishing Monthly archive

FIXED: The bug which prevented monthly archives (and any other archive) from being published dynamically has been fixed.  Special thanks to those who reported this issue - your reports were very detailed and allowed us to fix this very quickly.

52222: Modal styling for button bar / page navigation

FEATURE: We have further refined the styling of dialogs within the application.

52371: "Movable Type was unable to locate your 'mt-static' directory" msg when mt-static is in MT directory

FIXED: In some circumstances users reported that MT would produce the error "Movable Type was unable to locate your 'mt-static' directory" even though the mt-static directory was located under Movable Type's root directory. This issue has been fixed.

52463: Hide pagination controls on category and folder listing

FIXED: Pagination controls have been hidden from category and folder listings because they are not used there.

52486: Creating second folder on folder listing screen causes user to be sent to system-level dashboard and folder is not created

FIXED: The bug which resulted in a user being directed to the system-level dashboard AND also fail to create a category when the a user created a second folder on the folder listing screen has been fixed.

52006: SQLite requirement must have version specified

FIXED: Specific version requirements have been explicitly declared within the installation process to ensure proper compatibility.

52344: Can't create an archive mapping to 'Author' archive

FIXED: Author archives are now being built properly.

52345: Category archive pages are not published by default

FIXED: Category archives are now published by default. Users still have the option to disable them.

51912: Edit Comments on Useful Links results in Error (MT::Entry package isn't loaded)

FIXED: Clicking a link on the Edit Comments screen sometimes resulted in the Perl error "Can't locate object method..."  The bug has been fixed.

51783: Remove mention of enterprise features from mt-config.cgi

FIXED: Obsolete configuration directives have been removed from the default mt-config.cgi file.

51930: by default: registration should be turned on

FEATURE: Now by default all new blogs will NOT allow anonymous commenting, and will have enabled the following options: Allow Registration, Accept Local Auth, Accept Vox Auth, Accept LiveJournal Auth.

52026: Clicking on post title from dashboard results in error

FIXED: The bug which resulted in an error when clicking on a post title from the "Recent Comments" section of the dashboard has been fixed.

52033: Install process forces writing of .htaccess file

FIXED: Resolved an issue with the first beta release where Movable Type was creating a .htaccess and 'mtview.php' script for non-dynamically published blogs.

51630: Can't delete blog

FIXED: The bug which prevented blogs from being deleted and that resulted in a perl error has been fixed.

51673: Importing stores values from DATE field to created_on when it should store in authored_on

FIXED: newly imported entries now properly preserve the original authored on date.

51676: Ajax'd create folder does not dirify folder name - makes Japanese folder name possible

FIXED: The Ajax method of creating a folder did not properly dirify the folder name. This has been fixed.

51717: WXRImporter fails to import WordPress attachments to MT Assets

FIXED: The Wordpress importer now properly imports WordPress attachments.

51311: Line breaks aren't getting preserved in IE6?

FIXED: IE6 users reported that the Rich Text editor was not properly preserving line breaks. This has been fixed.

46892: Dynamic MTEntries, MTEntryNext and MTEntryPrevious have issues in sorting

FIXED: The bug found in previous versions of Movable Type 3.3x, dynamically published MTEntryPrevious, MTEntryNext, MTArchivePrevious and MTArchiveNext tags did not have expected entry in their contexts (but instead had the latest or oldest entry depending on a few conditions), has been fixed.

47890: Apply utf-8 patch by Ben

FIXED: Users reported from way back in MT3.x that public blog search was slow. This resulted from a UTF-8 encoding problem that has now been fixed.

50743: list_tags is always possible in blog context for anybody without edit_tags permission

FIXED: A user without any permissions for a blog could access the blog's tag listing screen, in a read-only capacity.

50777: No inline error message when user fails to enter username and password

FIXED: An inline error message now appears when a user fails to enter in a username and password on the login screen.

50204: Link to modal dialog occurs even when it's not really necessary

FEATURE: Now when a user has access to less then 11 blogs, the blog selector control/pull-down is populated automatically with all 10 (or less). Furthermore the "Select a Blog" option was removed from the pull down since all blogs are already listed there.

51347: WYSIWYG: Mac delete (forward delete) key works like a backspace key

FIXED: Mac users reported that the Mac Delete key behaved like a forward delete as opposed to a backspace key. This has been fixed.

51276: "Comment Feed" feed_url not being created on list_comment

FIXED: The link to the "Comment Feed" found on the comments listing screen has been fixed.

51450: Auto-save and recover do not consider character encoding

FIXED: Auto Save now remembers and handles properly the saving of entries and templates that utilize PublishCharset other than UTF-8. The bug results in these posts being corrupted when they were recovered from an auto-save.

51600: Activity log filter by error QuickFilter not working

FIXED: The activity log quickfilter that was broken has been fixed.

51624: List Trackbacks: Error occurs if the Page name is clicked.

FIXED: The bug that resulted when a TrackBack target was clicked on a Page has been fixed.

51627: Die with error on bad config.yaml

DEVELOPER: Better error messaging when a plugin ships a config.yaml file that is invalid. Thanks to Arvind for finding this bug and providing a patch.

51950: Importing from Wordpress sets the wrong authored_on date

FIXED: The bug in which the WXR Importer imported entries with a created_on date set to today's current date, thus not preserving the original created on date has been fixed.

51953: error on new installation ("Can't upgrade that kind of scalar...")

FIXED: The bug that resulted in the error "Can't upgrade that kind of scalar at lib/MT/App/ line 153." has been fixed. Special thanks to David Phillips for not only finding the bug, but also submitting a patch.

51927: Tag search fails

FIXED: The bug which prevented tag searches has been fixed.

51881: htaccess problem with IIS Windows server

FIXED: Windows IIS users noted that an .htaccess file was being created even though IIS does not support that feature. This has been fixed.

52378: Markup in title of blog index templates listing screen

FIXED: Fixed a bug on the list template screen that was including HTML tags in the page title.

52477: warning on comments listing screen

FIXED: fixed bug that resulted in error "Use of uninitialized value in string eq at lib/MT/App/ line 9665." on comment listing screen.

52484: It's instead of its on mt-static/support message on dashboard

FEATURE: Added a special message displayed to system administrators only when the mt-static/support directory could not be found or written to.

51846: MTAssetCount without 'type' attribute returned file's count only

FIXED: The template tag <$MTAssetCount$> when used without the "type" attribute returned only the count of non-image files, not the total of ALL files.

51868: MTBlogPageCount does not need page context

FIXED: fixed bug where a build error resulted from the use of <$MTBlogCount$>.

46443: The result of MTAssetType is not translated

FIXED: Fixed a translation bug in the MTAssetType template tag.

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