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Movable Type v4.0 beta 4 demo

I'm pleased to introduce you the 4th beta of the Movable Type Athena project

Go and check out the new release in no time

Happy testing!

Movable Type v4.0 beta 3 demo

Movable Type v4.0 beta 3 is live since a few hours now

The new release addresses an important number of bug fixes and improved features


Hello Folks,

I've been delighted to discover that the Movable Type Crew @ Six Apart announced this Movable Type v4.0 demo within the product official Web site

A community demo of MT4

I'm so honored to help you discover what's new on this product on a continuous basis.

Personally I believe that this Movable Type Athena project is an excellent product which soon will start to convert Word Press users to this more friendly environment.


Movable Type v4.0 beta 2

Welcome to a new Movable Type v4.0 beta preview installation.

I'm very glad to let you know that Byrne just announced today the Movable Type v4.0 beta 2 (check the change log here). Just like you are doing now, I couldn't resist the temptation of checking it out right away

You don't have to bother about spending time installing the built and getting it up and running. Just follow the URL below and login with the right username and password.


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Among the people testing the Movable Type v4.0 beta installation I've made available, yesterday somebody placed an interesting note on the Extended Entry field positioning in MT v4.0 vs. the Windows Live Writer model

Here it is:

While I love MT's new rich text editor, hiding the "extended" part of the post in a second tab makes it harder to drag and drop content. I like Windows Live Writer 2.0's mechanism of inserting a visual marker that divides a post so you can see the whole entry including the dividing line. The dividing line becomes the thing you manipulate, moving it around and placing it where it should go in the text. This is a better conceptualization than a separate data field. It's more writerly, less geeky, and poses less risk; I hate moving text around, feel much safer moving the divider.

Movable Type v4.0 beta 1

The wonderful team behind Six Apart, Ltd. announced today June the 4th, 2007 that Movable Type v4.0 beta 1 is ready for public review.

While I'm personally a Movable Type Consultant, great fan of the Movable Type Publishing Platform and good friend of one of the engineers working on developing this platform, I couldn't resist the temptation of giving a try to this long awaited "Athena project".

I must confess that I am delighted to see a redesigned platform containing lots of new features that we, the movable type community, have requested over time. You guys at Six Apart did an excellent job!

Since I've been myself so curious to check the new release, I was thinking to install a demo Movable Type installation and let anybody come and check it. Feel free to check each and every feature you are interested on. The demo space is launched. Enjoy!

Once you are done with your Movable Type v4.0 beta 1 review, you may like to browse around this Web site and check out the broad selection of services we are offering.

Best Regards,
Mihai Bocsaru


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