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This is a personal website and doesn't have anything to do with Six Apart nevertheless Chris Alden, the former Six Apart CEO, appreciated my idea when he saw it available online.

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We've got some excellent news this morning.

Six Apart made available Movable Type v7.0 Alpha 1.

The product has a completely new interface and introduces an excellent feature called "content type".

This new feature would allow you to create virtually any other object you would need, similar to the "entry" and "page" object or to the "categories" and "tags" for "categorizing/sorting" items.

With this awesome feature on board, Movable Type is ready to win the competition against Word Press on building very custom projects, those projects that require specific content types (not only entries/posts and pages, but also any other type of content with its own set of fields, such as say: seminars, collections etc.).

Thumbnail Sample


More Thumbnails

For more thumbnails, please check the "v7x" page.

Logging In Details

Please give it a look from:

Username: demo
Password: testthis

Happy Testing!

Kind Regards,
Mihai Bocsaru

Six Apart nicely surprised us today releasing movable type v6.3.5.

This version comes with a large number of new and improved functions covering data api, a new configuration directive, user management, development, updated functions covering user management, development  and miscellaneous as well as many resolved issues covering data api, entry and page, dynamic publishing, template, template tag, user management and miscellaneous.

Let's take a look at the release notes:


Data API

createEntry and updateEntry can save entries without rebuilding

You can now save an entry without rebuilding by createEntry and updateEntry endpoints. This will improve performance when saving lots of entries.

entry={"title" : "Some title","body" : "Some body"}&publish=0

For example, sending above request to createEntry or updateEntry endpoint, a status of saved entry is ‘Published’ but output file is never built. If publish parameter is set 1 or not specified, output file is built as before.

search endpoint can now filter target object

A search endpoint returns entries and web pages that contain specific keywords, but now it supports filtering by class. If ”class” parameter with ‘entry’ or ‘page’ specified, the results of the search would include entries or web pages only.


Web services password now can be set/changed by DataAPI

You can now set/change web services password via createUser and updateUser endpoint.

user={"apiPassword" : "new password"}

Configuration directive

  • XFrameOptions directive now accepts ‘NONE’. If ‘NONE’ is specified, Movable Type will never output X-Frame-Options header. (#114520)

User management

  • System administrators can now change the web services password of another user. (#114207)


  • The request body of file uploading now contains the field values on the upload screen added by a plugin. (# 114450)


User management

  • User authentication is now performed using all input values even if the username contains a trailing whitespace. Previously, trailing whitespace was ignored by the database.(#114242)


If you want to translate a jsmessage defined in listactions, you need to write a jsmessagehandler subroutine and return the translation result. (# 112528)

js_message_handler: sub {
    my $plugin = MT->component( PLUGIN_NAME );
    return $plugin->translate( 'Some message here' );


  • The definition of the ReturnToURL directive is now moved into the core package. (#100832)


Data API

  • Rebuilding an archive template now works when the current archive context does not include an entry by deleting entry. (#114213)
  • The site URL of the blog is now set correctly when creating a blog via createSite endpoint. (#114304)
  • PageStats endpoint now supports offset parameter. (#113117)
  • Comment receiving now works when the Data API is disabled on one of the website’s blogs. (#114070)

Entry and page

  • Recovering the auto-saved custom fields data now works when the type of custom fields is image. (#114385)
  • The entry title is never changed to an empty title when the title is 0. (#114284)

Dynamic Publishing

  • MTParentFolders now works when used in subfolders context. (#114283)
  • Pagination link by mt-search.cgi now works when it is used on category archive. (#114007)
  • MTLink now works when specifying different blog ID to blog_id. (#114117)
  • MTSubCatsRecurse and MTSubFolderRecurse now work with max_depth modifier. (#114261)


  • Template identifier change tracking now works. (#114375)

Template Tag

  • MTElse block now works when in MTEntries with a tag modifier that specifies a nonexistent tag. (#114076)

User Management

  • The permission table is now rebuilt when revoking permission from user who has already joined any group. (#114421)
  • Password verification error occurring even when the password was not changed on the user information edit screen is resolved when the UserPasswordMinLength environment variable is specified in mt-config.cgi. (# 114344)
  • Password validation now works even if JavaScript is disabled. (#114503)
  • Displaying the correct web services password now works when using the password manager of browser. (#114434)


  • The filter label of user based now displays user nickname. (#106171)
  • The from header of an email is now set correctly when using sendmail in a few environments. (#114196)
  • ‘J’, ‘K’, ‘X’ keys are now enterable on the modal dialog so that keys will never operate table. (#114515)
  • Fixed typo for X-Content-Type-Options. (#114519)
  • Facebook Commenters plugin now works. (#114463)
  • Addressed an issue with garbling by rebuild-pages script. (#114165)

If the above convinced you to take a look at the latest version, please go to:

And login using:

- username: demo

- password: testthis

Happy Blogging!

Movable Type v6.3.3

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It's a pleasure to announce that on February the 22nd, 2017, Six Apart launched movable type v6.3.3.

What's new in this release is that the user of double-byte characters in passwords for users is prohibited along with a number of resolved issues covering websites and blogs, entries and pages, the smartphone option (usability improvement) and dynamic publishing.

Here we go with the whole release notes:


User Registration

  • Now prohibit use of double-byte characters in password for user. (#114313, #114216)


Websites and Blogs

  • Show the Creative Commons license log now works when settings has been changed to enable. (#114356)

Entries and Pages

  • New user password is not asked for when importing entries using LDAP authentication and ExternalUserManagement is enabled. (#114051)

Smartphone Option

  • Body field height increased automatically when entering any text. (#114175)

Dynamic Publishing

  • Adding new block tag now works when a plugin adds a block tag using addconditionaltag function. (#114302)
  • MTMultiBlog using mode=”context” now outputs content that belongs to all websites and blogs specified by includeblogs / excludeblogs. (#114360)

Please go ahead and try this version from:

Login using:

- username: demo

- password: testthis


Movable Type v6.3.2

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On September 26th, 2016, Six Apart launched movable type v6.3.2.

This version includes a number of fixes for the assets, entry and page objects, server sync and dynamic publishing as well as new features related to logging (the ability to output a log file on demand and new configuration directives for it).


Output a log file on demand

In this newest version, Movable Type is able to output the activity log to an external file on demand. Of course, output of the CSV file from the activity log listing screen is also available. This feature make it possible to monitor the activity log easily and detect system errors and security issues.

Also, it is possible to control the log output in accordance with the log level. This means you can control logs by production server or development server.

Logging Level

The log levels now supported are debug, info, warn and error. debug outputs the most information from the log,error is the most minimal. You can specify the logging level by using the LoggerLevel configuration directive in the mt-config.cgi configuration file.

A large amount of the log is output. Movable Type does not use the `debug` logging level, but some plugins are using it. If this level is set as the LoggerLevel, the external log file contains all types of log entries. This level is recommended for a development server.
A log at this level is just information such as sign-in's, sign-out's, and creating new entries. If this level is set as the LoggerLevel, the external log file contains `error`, `warn` and `info` level log entries.
This log is a kind of error but it does not impact the running of Movable Type. However, it is better if you check the `warn` log entries because an abnormal situation has occurred.
This log is recorded in the case of issues affecting the system. For example, when writing to the database or to the file system has failed, or when security issues have occurred.
Also, an `error` will be recorded in the case of a security risk such as a sign-in failure.

Log file

The log file that is named al-yyyymmdd.log will be output in the directory that is specified by LoggerPath configuration directive. (yyyymmdd will replaced with server date)

Logger modules

Currently, Movable Type supports the Log::Log4perl and Log::Minimal perl modules. Movable Type will detect available modules automatically. If no module is installed and available, the log file will not output. However, you can specify the name of a logging perl module in the LoggerModule configuration directive such as Log4perl, Minimal or any module name that is added a plugin. For example:

LoggerModule Your::Plugin::Log

Develop a custom logger

You can make a custom logger that uses another logger module, or output to Slack or something else, for example. Your custom logger module should inherit MT::Util::Log and should implement debug, info, warn and error methods.

The basic code sample is here:

package Your::Plugin::Log;
use strict;
use warnings;
use MT;
use base qw(MT::Util::Log);

sub new {
    my ( $self, $level, $file ) = @_;

    # do something

    return $self;

sub debug {
    my ( $class, $msg ) = @_;

    # do something

sub info {
    my ( $class, $msg ) = @_;

    # do something

sub warn {
    my ( $class, $msg ) = @_;

    # do something

sub error {
    my ( $class, $msg ) = @_;

    # do something



LoggerLevel (none | debug | info | warn | error)

Define a log level which log will be output. debug outputs the most log entries,error is the most minimal. If specifies none or did not specifies any value, the log will not be output.

default: none


Define a path to output directory for log file. If not set, the log will not be output. By default, LoggerPath is not defined.


Define a logger module. By default Log4perl and Minimal are available. Also, if you have custom logger module that is added by a plugin, you can specify module name like: Your::Plugin::Log

default: Log4perl



  • Revised input validation for an upload path. Now validation error will occur when entered path contains invalid character for the URL. (#114155)
  • Asset insertion dialog now works when you turn off checkbox on a dialog. (#114123)

Entry and page

  • Text word wrapping now works when TinyMCE is disabled on system level. (#113312)

Server Sync

  • “Sync Now” function now works when you remove directories on a sync source server. (#114131)

Dynamic Publishing

  • Custom Fields html generating now works. (#114148)

Remember that you could try this new version from:

By logging in using:

- username: demo

- password: testthis


On August the 24th, 2016, Six Apart announced Movable Type v6.3.

This new version introduces support for PHP 7 and mySQL 5.7, as well as Smarty v3.1 and ADOdb v5.20.3.

Now it is possible to disable the automatic image quality change function. This could be done either from the system level general settings or via a new configuration directive called "AutoChangeImageQuality".

Via the newly introduced "DynamicCacheTTL", you could define the number of seconds for the interval of the task to delete the cache files of dynamic publishing.

Through a newly introduced "force" modifier, you could now "force" Movable Type to generate thumbnail files with the a specific width or height even if the original image size is smaller than the width and height you are looking for.

Together with the above new features, there are lots of improvements that cover Character Encoding for Files and Folders, Entries and Pages, Assets, Categories, Content Sync (for Movable Type Advanced), Dynamic Publishing, Dashboard, Themes, Templates, Template Tags, Backup and Restore, Listing Framework, Data API, XML-RPC and Other.

For more details, please check the below release notes:



PHP 7 has been added to the supported php versions. Movable Type dynamic publishing can be run with PHP 7.

Smarty 3.1

Smarty has been updated to version 3.1.

ADOdb v5.20.3

Also, ADOdb has been updated to version 5.20.3.


MySQL 5.7 has been added to the supported databases. Movable Type can be run with the default sql_mode.


We have improved the image quality change function.

In previous versions, Movable Type will change the image quality automatically by ImageQualityJpeg and ImageQualityPng even if the image size and quality is already adjusted.

From this version, system administrators can disable this feature by [System] => [General Settings] => [Image Quality].

By default, this feature is enabled.


AutoChangeImageQuality (0|1)

If set to 1, Movable Type will change the image quality automatically. The default value is 1 (enabled). This configuration directive is same as [System] > [General Settings] > [Image Quality].


The number of seconds for the interval of the task to delete the cache files of dynamic publishing.

Default: 0 (do not perform)


force (1)

If 1 is specified, Movable Type will force generate thumbnail files with the specified width or height even if the original size is smaller than the specified size.



  • The default character encoding for files and directories is changed to CP932 from Shift JIS.



  • "Not contains" conditional searching now works in entry listing screen.
  • Tag auto-complete is now works in some situations.
    • Typing quickly.
    • Tag name contains blank space.
  • The json parse now works when json contains double-quotation.
  • The re-edit button in the preview screen now works when PreviewInNewWindow is set to 1.
  • Word-wrap now works when using non WYSIWYG editors.
  • Resolved an issue in tag auto-complete which converted ampersand to &.
  • The parameters in HTML are now escaped when returning from actions.
  • Addressed an issue in which the unpublished date has not been the subject of revision management.
  • Resolved an issue on performing uniqueness check of basename at saving a new page.


  • Prevent input of invalid value of thumbnail width in asset insertion dialog.
  • Prevent input of invalid value of upload path in asset upload screen/dialog.
  • HTML in the label of asset is now escaped instead of removed.


  • Revise the log message when saving a category.


  • Content syncing now works when a file ends with blank space or dot.
  • The preview file with filename that begins with "mt-preview" is never delivered to remote server.
  • Resolved an issue with javascript error occurring when running immediate delivery.
  • When the FTP connection is lost, now try to reconnect.
  • The multiple start-up prevention now works when running on FastCGI.
  • Symbolic link is now removed from a delivery target.
  • Addresses an issue with performance when URL converting.


  • MTAssetThumbnailURL and MTAssetThumbnailLink now works when using include_blogs with MTAssets.
  • Resolved an issue where the output of MTEntryAuthorLink with show_hcard was not the same as static publishing.


  • The blog selector dialog launched by the Blog Widget from the website dashboard now contains child blogs only.


  • Resolved an issue where the image asset with @SITE_LOGO tag is not displayed in the date based archive.


  • The modified date is now updated when initializing a template.
  • The custom fields for a template in the MTIndexList block now works.
  • Unnecessary confirmation does not appear on the preview of the template when PreviewInNewWindow is set to 0.
  • "Save and publish" now works in the template edit screen.
  • Resolved an issue where the message is garbled when an error occurs at the saving of a template.


  • The "default" modifier now works when used with the MTCategoryBasename and MTCategoryLabel tags.
  • The width and height in the MTAssetThumbnailURL and MTAssetThumbnailLink are now ignored when they are larger than original size.


  • Backup file downloading now works when the backup file contains large amount of data.
  • The tag name on the restoring screen is now escaped.


  • The filter name in the filter selector dialog now syncs with the listing screen.
  • Filter resetting now works when returning from performing list actions.


  • File uploading now works when a user has 'upload' privilege only.
  • Resolved an issue with "Readonly" module version 1.6.1+.
  • Archive template rebuilding now works when calling the API via publishTemplate endpoint.
  • Resolved an issue in entryPreview endpoint.


  • Published page deleting now works when the entry is deleted.


  • The savetemplateprefs and saveentryprefs now return the correct mimetype.
  • Fixed a typo in run-periodic-tasks.
  • SSLVersion settings now work in some situations for SSL connections.
  • Fixed a typo in convert-db.
  • "Google Cloud Console" now renamed to "Google Cloud Platform".
  • Entry deleting now works when the author based archive exists and an entry is owned by deleted user.
  • Access check for the PerformanceLoggingPath is never checked when PerformanceLogging is disabled.

As always, you could try this new version from:

Login with:

- username: demo

- password: testthis


There are so many nice features introduced in movable type v6.2.

Let me describe you just some of the assets related features.

The features that I would like to discuss are:

  1. How to Edit an Image;
  2. How to Define a Default Upload Folder;
  3. Drag-and-Dropping.


Let's go over all of these newly introduced features.


How to Edit an Image

In order to edit an image, you should first go to the assets page.

That's available under:

Assets -> Manage

Once you are inside the "Manage Assets" admin page, you will have to click on the asset that you would like to edit.

That will bring you to the "Edit Asset" admin page for that very asset.

Please notice the newly introduced "Edit Image" link.

(see the below screenshot)



You will be taken to a new admin page called "Edit Image".

(see the below screenshot)



What you could do there is:

1) Resize the image

Resizing the image could be done by keeping or not keeping the aspect ratio.

If you changed the width and/or height values by mistake, you could use the "Reset" button to come back to the initial dimension.

After you change the width and/or height values, you will have to click the "Apply" button.

If you would like to revert the change, you could use the "Undo" button. There is also a "Redo" one.


2) Remove All metadata

You may be aware that your images do contain some additional information which is not visible for the human eye, but which contains various details about the image and which add more size to your image files.

Now you are able to remove your image metadata by simply checking a box.


3) Rotation

You could rotate to right and to left, as well as flip horizontally and vertically.


4) Cropping

You could also crop your image.

The "crop" button would be active only after you put your cursor over the image and you select a certain area that you would like to crop.

(see the below screenshot)


After clicking the "crop" button, you will see the cropped image.

At that stage you may like to either "Save" the asset (the cropped version will overwrite the initial image) or to "Undo" the cropping.

(see the below screenshot)



For all these changes there is an "Undo" and "Redo" feature.

Be aware that your changes would be saved for that asset only after you click the "Save" button.


You should know that whatever changes you make to an asset would overwrite that asset (hence why the feature is called "edit asset").



How to Define a Default Upload Folder

You are probably dreaming for this feature for quite some time.

Please find it available under:

Settings -> General

(see the below screenshot)



Once you are inside the "General Settings" page, you have to scroll until the end of the page where you will find a new section called "Upload".

There you could impose a default folder name so that your images won't go to your domain root.

(see the below screenshot)


You will also be able to check a box so that you could be able to change the default folder at the time of asset(s) upload, if you would ever want/need to. Since it is always good to be flexible, I would strongly recommend checking that box.

You could also choose to have Movable Type automatically rename non-ascii filenames. This is very useful if you or your editors are not tech savvy and might forgot to strip empty spaces or special characters. Movable Type won't remove those items, but it will encode them.

For instance, this URL:

Sample Image!.jpg

Would become:


(because the empty space " " is encoded as "%20" and the exclamation sign "!" is encoded as "%21")

Worth mentioning is that you could also configure movable type to normalize orientation.

My recommendation is to set a default folder called say "images" and then to check all the 3 checkboxes available there and described above.

(see the below screenshot)




Drag-and-Dropping Assets

I'm going to refer below to uploading multiple image assets at once.

Assuming that you are inside an "Edit Entry" admin page, in order to upload one or more image assets, you would click on the "Insert Image Asset" button.

(see the below screenshot)



That would lead you to a completely redesigned admin page where you could see the new "drag and drop" dark grey area along with the other newly introduced upload (general) settings that we've described above.

In this new page, you could drag and drop multiple images to the dark grey area or you could use the "browse" button. This button allows you to select one or more images, the multiples files upload at one functioning in both cases.

You could also change any of the default "upload (general) settings" defined from the "general settings" admin page.

(see the below screenshot)


If you decide to upload multiple items at once, you should know that once they are loaded, you will be taken to an admin page called "Insert Options" where you could apply various settings for each and every uploaded asset.

You could check if you want to "Display Image in entry/page", if you would like to generate a thumbnail and what width is should have, if you would like to align it in a specific way as well as if you would like to link your image to its full-size version in a popup window.

(see the below screenshot)


You might already know that the movable type admin is responsive.

That allows you to manage your movable type driven website easily also from your mobile device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet.

On July the 28th, 2015, Six Apart decided to further improve its admin interface for iOS and launched a movable type app called "Movable Type for iOS".

This application is available in the iTunes App Store.

It allows you to easily manage your content. From now on you could easily create, edit or remove articles wherever you are and at any time right from your iOS device.

If necessary, you could save your articles as draft, right from your smartphone.

Six Apart mentioned the following characteristics:


  • Made with Movable Type Data API v2.
  • Preview your content - You can see the preview for mobile view and desktop view in a single operation.
  • Simple HTML text editor - HTML input support.
  • Also, supports editing Custom Fields.


  • Add, edit and delete entries and web pages.
  • Set categories and folders.
  • Offline editing and saving.
  • Upload photos.


  • Movable Type 6.1.2 or higher.
  • iOS Version 8.0 or higher on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. (Not optimized for the iPad.)

To learn more about the „Movable Type for iOS" application, please go to:
Two days ago, on April 14th, right after releasing a mandatory security update release for v6.x (v6.0.8) and for v5.x (v5.2.13), Six Apart released also Movable Type v6.1.1, this version containing the 2 security fixes from v6.0.8 together with other 14 new features and fixes.

Some of these improvements are applied to the movable type advanced package and they are related to content sync and LDAP.

However, there are a bunch of other features and improvements that affect the basic product, as follows:


  • Added ability to search entries/pages by Custom Fields. (#112825)
  • The listEntries with search parameter will return only data that matches the search criteria. (#112881)
  • User who have some privilege except 'commenter' can get the data for CustomFields via listEntries. (#112827)
  • Entry posting now works when the text format is 0. (#112815)
  • Resolves an issue the password reset link that sent via Data API is not correct. (#112945)
  • The path property in the Folders resource now includes self path. (#112951)


  • Folder deleting now works in the folder listing screen. (#112941)


  • Removing unnecessary filter items. (#112824)
  • Resolves JavaScript error in the settings screen when user language is French. (#112807)
  • Tweak funny Japanese phrase. (#112863)

To evaluate the product, please go to:

And login with:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru
Dear Community,

Yesterday, February the 11th, 2015, Six Apart launched movable type v6.1.

They did it right after launched v6.0.7 and v5.2.12 as mandatory security releases.

The newly released v6.1 version includes the security fix from v6.0.7 along with a large amount of new and improved functions.

Data API v2.0 has been improved to cover create, update, retrieve and delete operations for almost all of the objects. This gives you the ability to do almost everything that you could do within the MT Admin via the Data API.

A new configuration directive called 'RebuildOffsetSeconds' would allow you to customize the number of seconds after which movable type returns response to the client when rebuilding templates. If you didn't know, when rebuilding templates, movable type splits the rebuilding process into segments, each segment consisting by default of 20 seconds. You could now adjust the number of seconds allowed for each publishing process segment.

Another 69 improvements would make your editorial life nicer. It would take me a very long time to describe them all as they cover various aspects of the product.

Among them you should know that your movable type admin interface when connection from mobile devices is improved and that when you preview your work, the preview page would open in a new window. However, if you don't want the preview to be opened in a new window you could set this configuration directive "PreviewInNewWindow 0".

Those of you that were enjoying the MT4 Style Library should know that this feature is again active.

This release covers the following areas:

- Installing and Upgrading

- Smartphone Option

- Data API

- Websites and Blogs

- Entries and Pages

- Categories and Folders

- Assets

- Templates

- Themes

- Comments and TrackBacks

- Backup and Restore

- Import and Export

- Custom Fields

- Dynamic Publishing

- Search

- Miscellaneous

More details at:

To evaluate the product, please go to:

And login as:
- username: demo
- password: testthis

Many thanks,
Mihai Bocsaru
Six Apart just released Movable Type v6.0.5.

This version introduces a few more fixing comparing to v6.0.4.

Actually, Six Apart retired v6.0.4 and decided to release v6.0.5 with all the 148 fixes from v6.0.4 as well as a few other important items they discovered.


The latest improvements cover:


Upgrade did not finish correctly if the installation had the MultiBlog plugin configured with a trigger for "All blogs in this website" for one or more websites. (ticket #112418)


An error would occur with the AssetThumbnailURL tag during rebuild if the Eiger and Rainier themes were in use. If currently using Eiger or Rainier, make sure to reapply the Eiger or Rainier templates for the fix to take effect. (ticket #112382)


mt-search.cgi was not processing the limit parameter. Along with this bug fix, the mt-search.cgi pagination should now work smoother in general. (ticket #112365)


The Ignore block tag's contents were erroneously parsed, which could result in build errors if Ignore blocks happened to contain template code that would not be valid outside the Ignore block. (ticket #112393)

Take a look at it from:

Login as:
- username: demo
- password: testthis



We would love to work on any movable type jobs you might have! To find out more about the movable type services we're offering click here.

You may like to know that we're offering a broad range of web development services as well as professional website hosting service in partnership with Pair Networks, Inc. from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

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