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This is a personal website and doesn't have anything to do with Six Apart nevertheless Chris Alden, the former Six Apart CEO, appreciated my idea when he saw it available online.

Movable Type v5.01 Live Demo

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Dear Friends,

Six Apart just announced the first version of movable type 5th series, version 5.01.

After quite some time of ongoing development and testing, the wonderful Six Apart crew released this final version both for as commercial license (professional version) and open source license.

The publishing platform is available right away for download in 6 languages namely: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Dutch and French.

Those that got to know me may have expected that I'm going to come up with an online demo for this release.

Well, I couldn't resist the temptation of offering to absolutely anybody from around this small world an absolutely no cost movable type demo version just here!

You don't have to worry about a hosting space, about how to install movable type or if your hosting service supports all the movable type system requirements or not.

Just make yourself comfortable on your sofa and check out movable type v5.x. It's just one click away!

As I've mentioned above, Six Apart made available a professional version and an open source version.

Let me give you the Movable Type Admin URL for both:

1) Movable Type v5.01 Professional Version

2) Movable Type v5.01 Open Source Version

You could login to any of these version using a very simple username and password combination.

- username: "demo";
- password: "demo".

Before letting you go, I just feel like making you a few recommendations.

1) don't change the username and password

Please don't change the "demo" username and password so that any users could evaluate this movable type version.

2) let's keep things tidy

When you create a Web site, make sure you create it based on the path ".../movabletypedemo/v5x/sites/..." so that we keep everything tidy.

I hope you would enjoy movable type v5.x which starts today with movable type v5.01.

Six Apart, thank you for making this possible!

Yours always,
Mihai Bocsaru

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Thanks for putting up the side-by-side demos of mt5 open-source and professional version. I haven't had time to download and look at them and it was interesting to see the differences in the dashboard.

I can tell that I'm going to have to play with it some before I use it for a client's site.

You're very welcome Violet!

I would definitely encourage anyone to play a bit with this new release here before using it for a client.

All my best!

Does anyone know if MT5 supports easy captioning of images? I'd be a little disappointed if I had to keep coding these things by hand in 2010. After all, WP has had this for awhile.

Thanks much, Mihai, for hosting this demo. I really appreciate it!!!

It's a pleasure Tyler!

You could add captions to images by using the "description" field either when you upload an image, or later by going to:

Manage => Assets

and clicking on the image whose caption you would like to change.

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